Why Booking VisitSibiu Tour Guides

Dear traveler,

You might have traveled a lot, may have seen lots of places all over the world and you know how to find the right information. But, have you ever wondered how interesting it may be to interact with a local person who could tell you local stories not only deliver information? Why not have a VisitSibiu guides experience?

Tour Guides are known to be cultural ambassadors to their country and community. They provide safe, enjoyable and fun travel experiences for their guests. They are able to blend the professionalism of the job with the hospitality and welcoming spirit that makes the guests feel like they have spent the day with a close friend.

Local guides can provide information and knowledge difficult to find on the Internet or in any guide books…

We’re proud of our region, it has an amazing history, great heritage, wonderful people, stunning landscape and… delicious cuisine. Sibiu/ Transylvania and even Romania are not necessarily on the main visit list for lots of travelers and this is what makes them special. We are happy to suggest off the beaten path tours, remote old villages, wild natural sites, wonderful local people, behind-the-scene experiences!

Experienced guides make trips enjoyable and educative

This is because we have been in the profession for a good number of years which means we know everything about the sites. And we were born and lived all our lives here. Therefore, we can share a lot of our knowledge but in an interesting, relaxing and fun way. We never forget that you’re in vacation!:)

Some of the virtues VisitSibiu guides are happy to share:

  • Flexibility
  • Sense of humor
  • Adaptability
  • Spontaneity
  • Quality information
  • Quality time
  • Local input
  • Travel suggestions

We prefer to organize private/ individual trips and focus on our travelers’ wishes. We always customize the tours, tailor them and give them personality. Just like tailors, we design a tour that fits you perfectly.