Trekking in Rimetea


The ruins of a former citadel, a traditional Hungarian village and trekking with a great view – perfect tour!

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All about the Trekking in Rimetea.

Trekking in Rimetea

Europa Nostra Village

When you think of Transylvania, you imagine an idyllic, picturesque place, hidden behind the Carpathians with villages and old towns spread between valleys and woody hills. But Transylvania was always in the way of the enemies, an entrance gate in Europe. Transylvania is famous due to its wonderful medieval castles, citadels and traditional villages.


At Colţeşti we’ll have a nice, relaxing walk up on the hill till we’ll reach one of the oldest fortifications in the area. The view from the ruins is spectacular.

Rimetea is the only village in Romania that was awarded the Europa Nostra title. It is a symbol of the Hungarian community in Transylvania, the perfect place to discover more about the cultural and ethnic diversity in our region. Depending on your request we can have a longer trekking tour on the Piatra Secuiului peak (1128 m/ 3700 ft) or a shorter trail, just above the village with a great view for pictures.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

The tour includes:

  • A visit (short trekking) to the former citadel of Coltesti;
  • A visit in Rimetea (Europa Nostra heritage);
  • Trekking tour above Rimetea village
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

The tour doesn’t include but we can add:

  • A delicious Hungarian lunch at Conacul Secuiului
  • A walking tour in Alba Iulia
Alba Iulia
Alba Iulia
  1. Location 1 Coltesti fortress

    It was built at the end of the 13th century by a Hungarian nobleman as residence and refuge place. After quite a long history, it was destroyed at the beginning of the 18th century. Ever since, its massive walls are still guarding the valley. The view from up there is quite astonishing!


  2. Location 2 Rimetea Village

    It is a traditional Hungarian village built in the 13th century. During the centuries it was a famous iron mining town (and also a trade town). Its soil and location were perfect for the wine craft… Today, we can still see the former terraces full with vineyards in the past… As well as the vineyards, the former mines were also abandoned.
    But, the architectural structure of the village and the lovely restoration of its old houses brought to it the Europa Nostra Award, in 1999, the little town being now famous for its patrimony conservation.

    Rimetea _Village

  3. Location 3 Trekking Tour

    Piatra Secuiului massif is a rocky/ limy mountain that starts from 543 m (1780 ft) and reaches 1128 m (3700 ft). It is quite a difficult/ challenging climb, it requires a bit of effort and good trekking shoes. The tough part of the climbing lasts about 40 minutes but the more we climb, the more of the view shall we enjoy. And, from the top, the landscape is just breathtaking… We’ll take plenty of time to rest and contemplate the nature! On our way back to the village we’ll take another route, softer through the forest.


  4. Location 4 Alba Iulia

    Alba Iulia is optional on our tour (it depends on the time left), but it’s worth a short walking tour – it is one of the few very well preserved Vauban fortifications in this part of Europe.

    Alba Iulia


A beautiful Hungarian village at the bottom of the mountains

Tour details

Like the cultural tours, we can customize the active ones, too. We can have the long trail (more challenging) or we can walk as much as you can, through the village and a bit above it, good enough for some great pictures!

This is not only an active tour; it has the perfect mix between culture and nature. We’ll have the chance to visit two traditional Hungarian villages in Transylvania, learn more about this community and its role during the centuries. We’ll learn more about the local crafts, the changes the area went through in time and its recent history.


The hiking tour can be adapted according to your wish – we don’t have to force ourselves and be exhausted, we just have to enjoy our time out.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Stories with a view... and, sometimes even a local to lead the way:)
Lunch... but we can stop at a very nice Hungarian mannor

No problem! We can adapt it for you… Why not a walk through the village, a visit at the local little museum – a great occasion to learn more about the Hungarian community in Transylvania. There are plenty of things to do!

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Modaba, Jordan
Reviewed On 25/02/2020

Adela was fantastic. We planned this trip months ahead and then discovered the Romanian government had scheduled holidays. Adela's adjusted our plans to avoid some of the major crowds.She listened to our pre planning suggestions and catered to our wishes. It was a wonderful time in Transylvania.