Trekking and Sheepfolds


Are you curious to see how shepherds live up in the mountains? Do you like hiking? Let’s combine them!

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All about the Trekking and Sheepfolds.

Trekking and Sheepfolds

Not far from Sibiu, at the bottom of the Cindrel and Lotru Mountain ranges (Carpathians) there lays a picturesque area called Mărginimea Sibiului. 18 traditional Romanian villages form this idyllic area.

The people in this area lived hard and difficult times, but they were wise and hardworking. Breeding animals has always been their main occupation.  Transhumanţa is a practice still preserved in Cindrel Mountains. They were also good craftsmen but, today, because of depopulation and new technologies just a few have remained – many of them senior people who love their traditions and try to pass them on – leather men, blacksmiths, carpenters, weavers or icon glass painters, dairy producers, local farmers.

A trip in Mărginimea Sibiului is a trip in times for long forgotten, when the carriages pulled by horses were the main means of transport, a trip in a place “far from the madding crowd”, far from the noisy cars and far the polluted cities! In the villages from Mărginimea Sibiului you are woken up early in the morning by the hens cackling and the cows’ bells as they idly walk along the little streets heading towards the pastures around the village. But wakening up like this is much more pleasant than the morning alarm…


For us, a day at work seems to pass so slowly… a day in Sibiu countryside seems like flying away, like a beautiful dream… Apart from the enchanting landscape, there are so many other things that make this area so special…

The inhabitants, for example. The statement « the man is the one who blesses a place » is perfect in this case. We suggest you a walk through the most beautiful villages; our trekking will be above one of these villages – we’ll go up in the pasture areas where you can see the shepherds cabins and the sheepfolds, listen to the sheep happily grazing and the dogs barking suspiciously at every strange noise.

On our way back we can stop in an orchard just above the village and enjoy a delicious meal at the shepherd’s cabin. We can taste different types of cheese prepared by him, his berry brandy and wine.

It will be quite a day!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

The tour includes:

  • Trekking tour in the sheepfold area, close to Sibiu
  • A delicious local snack
  1. Location 1 Up in the Mountains

    We’ll enjoy a tour on the trails made for centuries by the local shepherds and animals. We’ll go through the forests and then reach the mountain peak, an immense area covered with pastures. The view will be, indeed, amazing!

  2. Location 2 Lunch at the shepherd's cabin

    After a long walk in the mountains, a delicious local lunch goes perfect! We invite you to an authentic experience!

Tour details

This tour needs no description as it is pretty hard to find the right words to describe the experience, the nature, the view… the taste of the food.

Sometimes, it’s easier for me to use pictures – they can speak more than a thousand words!

We’ll start the trekking tour from a village close to Sibiu and we’ll come back in the same village. The tour might last 4-5 hours – it also depends on you, we don’t need to hurry, we can take time enough to enjoy the view and have picture breaks. At the end of the tour we’ll stop at the shepherd’s cabin, right above the village to have our tasty lunch.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Trekking, local life, nice views, fresh air...... interesting stories and a farm-to-table experience!
Local visit... if we have time we could add a visit at a craftsman or a visit in the village

Yes, even though this is a moderate tour, not very challenging you need trekking shoes, possibly poles, sun hat, sunglasses, raincoat. Bring some water and snacks, we can have breaks to enjoy the view.

If you have food restrictions or if you’re vegetarians, please let us know in advance .

Overall Rating
Cécile & Sebastien
Reviewed On 02/02/2020

“Nous avons passés 2 super journées de visites avec notreguide, Adela, qui connait parfaitement l’histoire, la culture et les traditions de Transylvanie. L’intérêt qu’elle porte à son pays est communicatif, elle saura vous le transmettre de manière vivante et attractive. Que de bons souvenirs… Nous avons fait une marche dans la montagne avec Iulian, avec à la clé un délicieux repas chez un berger. Le paysage était magnifique et l’ambiance joyeuse car notre guide a su choisir un itinéraire compatible avec les envies du groupe ainsi qu’adapté à la condition physique de chacun”.

Daniel & Johanna Levy
Reviewed On 02/02/2020

“On a sunny and warm July day, Iulian took our Swiss based group of twelve on a wonderful in all senses refreshing tour in the high hills of the Sibiu region. We appreciated not only his transmitted intimate knowledge of the region, but were deeply impressed by his strong commitment to the preservation of the local environment. After crossing incredibly multicolored flowered fields, interspersed with beautiful trees, (many of them loaded with cherries!), we arrived at the top and the highlight of the walk: a friendly and fascinating meeting with a local Sheperd’s family, who had prepared a delicious meal for us, the dessert being the beautiful view of the mountains around us”.