Transfagarasan Road


Live the Adventure! Enjoy a fun and exciting drive and a breathtaking view!

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    All about the Transfagarasan Road.

    Enjoy the Transylvania Alps

    Jeremy Clarkson, the famous Top Gear show host, after shooting one of the episodes on the Transfagarasan road called it “the best road in the world”. Located at about 2000 m altitude in the Carpathian Mountains, the road and the view are totally astonishing.

    The tour combines the experience of exploring one of the first Cistercian Abbeys in Transylvania and the breathtaking view of the famous Transfagarasan road.



    At Carta we’ll learn interesting things about the monks who came from France, in the 13th century, to built monasteries in Transylvania. There are so many great, fascinating stories about these monks and their way of living.

    One of the greatest places to visit in Romania is, definitely, the Transfagarasan road. Driving on it is a great challenge but your attention will also be taken by the amazing view: high rocky mountains, fresh springs, a spectacular waterfall, a beautiful glacier lake. The road has more tunnels and viaducts than any other road in Romania.


    Our last stop is the picturesque Clay Castle – a little fairy tale castle that will definitely make you feel like you’re travelling in time.

    Very important to know: the Transfagarasan road is entirely open for cars from July 1st till November 1st. In wintertime, due to the high layer of snow, the access from Balea Waterfall till Balea Lake is done by the cable car.


    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The standard tour includes:

    • The drive on the Transfagarasan road with various stops including Balea Waterfall;
    • Visit at Balea Lake and, optional, a short trekking tour in the area of the lake;
    • Visit at the former Cistercian Abbey in Carta;
    • Visit at the romantic fairy castle;


    1.  From November 1st till July 1st, a part of the road is closed for traffic so we’ll have access only by the cable car.
    2. No matter the season, we suggest you warm clothes, comfortable shoes (waterproof in wintertime), raincoat, sunglasses.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    The standard tour doesn’t include, but we can add at request:

    • Extra visit at the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig;
    • Lunch at a trout farm, beautifully located, at the bottom of the mountains;
    • Cable car ride;
    1. Location 1 Transfarasan Road

      ”The best road in the world” according to the former Top Gear star, Jeremy Clarkson…. Well, we can’t disagree, the Transfagarasan highway is, probably, one of the most impressive in the world. We were lucky to join the Top Gear team while they were shooting the video on the road and we can totally assure you that it was quite an adventure!

      The winding road takes us through amazing, dense birch, beech and fir tree forests then, out of the blue, it reaches the top of the Balea Waterfall and a breathtaking view emerges in front of us: the fascinating Balea Valley with the alpine area. If we’re lucky enough, we might even meet a bear or a wild goat on our way :). It is a fascinating drive with lots of great sport for selfies 🙂



    2. Location 2 Balea Lake

      Balea Lake is located at the top of the Transfagarsan Road, it is a glacier lake, not very large but quite impressive in summer-time… In winter it gets totally frozen and its ice is transformed into a hotel or, more recently, an igloo village. Depending on our time and the weather conditions we can also have a short trekking tour around the lake.



    3. Location 4 Carta Abbey

      The former Cistercian Abbey from Carta is one of the oldest constructions in Transylvania (early 12th century)… It is such a lovely place with lots of interesting stories and amazing architecture.


    4. Location 5 The Clay Castle

      Located in a lovely valley, at the bottom of the Fagaras Mountains and the bank of a river, the little clay castle (a future hotel) is the perfect example of a bio-construction – made of natural raw material like wood, stone and clay. It’s like bringing the past into the future 🙂


    Tour details

    Did you know that the famous TV production Top Gear shoot one of its shows on the Transfagarasan highway? What was their reaction? – Romania’s highest road has all the ingredients in the Perfect Road recipe. There are many characteristics that contribute to a great driving road. A string of great corners, probably draped over a mountain. Scintillating views as you ascend or descend. And a nice, remote location to ensure you’ve got it mostly to yourself. For Jeremy Clarkson this is one of the best roads in the world!
    See also the Top Gear article here

    From Sibiu we’ll drive till Balea Lake but have some stops on our way just to admire the view and take some pictures and selfies, of course! We can walk around the lake, have even a longer and challenging hiking tour, enjoy the nature.

    On our way back we’ll visit the former Cistercian abbey from Carta – such an interesting place with lots of great stories (it might remember you of the novel The Name of the Rose).


    To our visit we can add the Clay/ Fairy Castle – a nice example of constructions eco (made of natural material), the Saxon fortress in Cisnadioara or the glass manufacture in Avrig.


    It is a tailor tour so we’ll customize together the itinerary, we’ll set together the meeting place and hours.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Car ride on the famous Transfagarasan road... extra hiking and local visits
    Lunch break... it is optional but we are happy to add it.

    No matter the season, the weather is pretty challenging up there in the mountains. We suggest you to bring warm clothes, raincoat, comfortable shoes and waterproof for the now, sunglasses.

    A part of the road is closed from November till July; during this period, in order to reach Balea Lake and the Hotel of Ice we can take the cable car.

    Overall Rating
    Denis W
    Reviewed On 22/01/2020

    Fantastic day and great value for money! The road trip would have been enough on its own, but the visit to Carta monastery and the clay house were icing on the cake. Our guide Adela was friendly, chatty and knowledgable. She took us at a pace we felt comfortable with and gave us a real tour. Highly recommend!

    Kristi B
    Reviewed On 22/01/2020

    My husband and I did the Transfagarasan Highway Tour. It was amazing! I was really worried as it was the only day that wasn't clear and sunny and as we started up the road there was very little visability due to the fog and clouds. But once we were a little over halfway up we got above the clouds and could see the road from the view point as well as the clouds as they crept up the mountain. It was a very cool sight, my husband especially loved it. It was clear at the top as well as on the other side. The whole day was great, getting to see the Abbey and Clay Castle were bonuses. Lunch was fantastic and our guide, Peter, was friendly and charming. Highly recommend.