Sibiu Tour – Astra Museum


Half-a-Day Tour: explore more of Sibiu – the Ethnographic Theme Open Air Museum!


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    All about the Sibiu Tour – Astra Museum.

    Sibiu Sightseeing Tour | Astra Museum Tour

    We suggest you a walking tour in the old town of Sibiu where we’ll visit the most important attractions and discover the history of the town and its people.

    But, if you want to know more about our region, we suggest a visit at the Ethnographic Astra Museum – one of the biggest open air museums in South-East Europe. Located outside Sibiu, in a forest, on the bank of a lake, the museum recreates the amazing rural atmosphere from the traditional Romanian villages all over the country. During our walk through the alleys of the museum we’ll talk about the rural life in Romania, about the diversity of the ethnic groups, about controversial topics like the origins of the Roma people, about crafts and traditions. We promise a relaxing and enjoyable day!

    Astra_Open_Air _Museum
    Astra_Open_Air _Museum
    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour includes:

    • The Classic Walking Tour in the old town of Sibiu with the most important attractions: the fortification walls and towers, the Big Square, the Brukenthal Palace, the Town Hall, the Catholic church, the Little Square, the Liars’ Bridge, the Luxembourg House, the Journeymen House, the Lower Town, the Evangelical Church, the Orthodox Cathedral, the History Museum etc.
    • A Walking Tour in the Astra Open Museum: a visit of various traditional households, windmills, watermills, churches, stables, barns etc.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour does not include but we’re happy to add:

    • Local lunch – it can be either in Sibiu or at the traditional restaurant from the museum – quite an experience!
    1. Location 1 Sibiu Old Town

      A little town with such a great history, a rich patrimony, lots of events and so many awards… There are endless reasons to visit Sibiu, former European Capital of Culture, Region of Gastronomy and a 3* Michelin destination.

      Regardless the season, Sibiu is beautiful – colourful houses with eyes on the roofs, narrow streets and passageways, tunnels, a romantic bridge, mysterious yards. Apart from this, Sibiu is famous for its cultural life, its animated terraces, sport competitions, open air performances, fairs, markets, street food festivals, exhibitions and concerts – the perfect combination.

      Sibiu walking tour is a must on your visit list in Romania – together, we’ll explore the world beyond, history, patrimony, crafts, local stories.


    2. Location 2 Astra Museum

      A fascinating museum that you shouldn’t miss in Sibiu… And not because we say so but because the Michelin Green Guide awarded it 3 stars, like Sibiu.

      The museum lies at about 4 km (about 2.5 miles) from Sibiu in a stunning scenery in a forest – Nature Reserve. It is the ideal location to discover the traditional rural Romanian lifestyle while taking a relaxing walk. Its various alleys will take you among peasant homesteads, workshops, small wooden churches, roadside crucifixes, sheepfolds, wine cellars, wind and water mills.

      The original, perfectly preserved interiors will tell you about the simple life of Romanian peasants from all over the country, their occupations and traditions. One great particularity of our region is its ethnic diversity so, this tour will take us into a fascinating world of different cultures and civilisations, a particular place being the one dedicated to the Roma people. We’ll debate more about this topic and we’ll learn new and so interesting things!

      Beyond the amazing rural universe, the museum offers several other entertainment options: carriage rides and horse-drawn sledge rides, farm activities, a restaurant area and playgrounds. In summer, the museum is animated by numerous events – almost no week passes by without a cultural event!


    Tour details

    First, we’ll have the tour in Sibiu, for about two hours. Then, we’ll go to the Open Air Museum. Located at about 4 km/ 2.5 miles from Sibiu, by car it will take us about 15-20 minutes. Depending on your time and possibilities we can also have a walk from Sibiu, through the Sub Arini Park and Dumbrava forest till the museum. It will be a nice walk, for about an hour.

    The visit in the museum will take us two more hours. If the weather is pleasant, maybe even more. Of course, we could also take a ride with the carriage – great experience!

    Normally, the tour should last for about 5 hours but we can adapt it to your program. If hungry, we can add a stop for lunch. Of course, we can also enjoy a snack during our walk through the museum – there are so many places where we could stop and enjoy the view.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Outdoor Cultural Experiences

    An interesting combination of urban vs. rural life


    Liars' Bridge_Sibiu
    Liars’ Bridge_Sibiu


    Astra_Village Museum
    Astra_Village Museum
    Lunch Breakbut we can have a lunch break at the restaurant or enjoy a snack in the museum