Sibiu Tour: Coffee, Chocolate and Stories


Coffee, Chocolate, Stories

Enjoy a different sightseeing tour in Sibiu!

Let’s discover Sibiu in a different, fun, interactive and knowledgeable way!
During our guided tour
we’ll enjoy an aromatic coffee, a delicious chocolate and lots of great local stories.
We’ll talk about the impact of Enlightenment Era in Transylvania and Sibiu,
the evolution of the local community, the influence of the masons
and their secret, mysterious symbols.
We’ll talk about important cultural and educational issues
but also about local tasty gossip. It will be a fun experience
in the company of an experienced guide!

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    All about the Sibiu Tour: Coffee, Chocolate and Stories.

    Sibiu Sightseeing Tour

    A different tour with coffee, chocolate and lots of stories

    Do you like history and stories? Are you a coffee and chocolate lover? Are you curious to discover Sibiu in a fun, knowledgeable way? We suggest you a new theme coffee, chocolate and stories tour, specially customised for you!

    Sibiu was built in the 12-13th century as a fortress defending the local community against the attacks of the enemies. In time, it developed a lot becoming a fortified town but also an important trade centre in Transylvania.

    Nevertheless, in the 18th century, the town of Sibiu went through a serious change – from a medieval fortress it became the capital of Transylvania, a cultural, economic, administrative and political centre, a famous town in the Habsbourg Empire.

    How was such a change possible? The answer is a bit more complex so we invite you to discover with us.

    Thus, we’ll have a pleasant walking tour in the old town where we’ll debate about the evolution of the community, the daily life of the local people before and during the 18th century, we’ll talk about noblemen, elegant balls, diseases, political issues, love stories, masonic lodges, rituals, mysterious symbols, culture and education.

    The main character of our story will be the famous Governor of Transylvania, Samuel von Brukenthal, an intelligent Saxon nobleman who loved culture, science and education in all their forms. He spent a lot of time in Vienna and built a fascinating Baroque Palace in Sibiu. He was a famous mason with a lot of influence everywhere in Europe, a great art collector who put the basis of an amazing gallery.

    In 1817, his palace in Sibiu became the first art gallery in SE Europe, open for the public.

    Hence, to make our tour even more striking, while walking and debating, we’ll enjoy a savoury coffee to go (“the Governor’s Coffee) and a delicious chocolate (“the Governor’s Chocolate). It will be a fun, entertaining and knowledgeable tour!

    This tour is dedicated to Sibiu and its greatest personality of all times, Governor Samuel von Brukenthal. This year, we celebrate 300 years from his birth and almost three centuries from the cultural progress of Sibiu. A statue of the Governor will be placed in the main square, thus, our tour comes as an acknowledgement of his great work and heritage.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • An insightful, fun sightseeing tour in the old town of Sibiu
    • A visit at the Evangelical Church
    • An aromatic coffee to go
    • A tasty local chocolate
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Any other entrances (we will not visit the Brukenthal Museum as such a visit requires more time and a special art tour)
    • Souvenirs or other spending
    1. Attraction 1 Little Square

      We’ll meet in the Little Square in front of a coffee place where we’ll take our coffee to go and chocolate. From there we’ll start our itinerary in Sibiu.

      We’ll visit the Little Square with its most important sites (Liars’ Bridge, Council Tower, Luxembourg House) and we’ll talk about Sibiu in the Middle Ages, its great development in time, its guilds and local gossip.

    2. Attraction 2 Huet Square

      From the Little Square, we’ll cross the Liars’ Bridge and reach the Huet Square (it’s one of my favourite places in Sibiu).

      We’ll visit the square with its stunning evangelical church (a Gothic masterpiece) and the Journeymen House. We’ll talk about guilds and corporations, about masonic lodges, Grotesque and Gargoyle mysterious symbols, old towers and passageways.

      We’ll have a stop in front of the Brukenthal College and talk about the influence of the Enlightenment on education in Transylvania and elsewhere in Europe, about education and scientific progress.

    3. Attraction 3 Large Square

      Finally, we’ll reach the main square. This used to be (and still is) the most important place in Sibiu.

      It was the place where terrible executions used to be organised but also great parades, fancy balls, crowded markets. Today, this is the place where exquisite festivals and concerts take place, a square where people meet and socialise.

      Here, we’ll talk about the Governor Samuel von Brukenthal and his amazing palace and gallery, his influence on the development of the local community and his great personality.

      We’ll talk about the ”eyes” on the roofs of the buildings and the Catholic Church – stunning late Baroque construction.

    4. Attraction 4 Charming Old Streets

      From the Large Square, we’ll take a walk on the old, charming streets around the old town.

      We’ll visit the former walls and towers of fortification, we’ll see the Philharmonic building (Thalia Hall) and we’ll talk about the cultural life of Sibiu (in the past but also today) and the important role the theatre had here during the centuries.

    Tour Details

    This is a theme tour dedicated to the cultural life of Sibiu and its greatest personality, the Governor Samuel von Brukenthal.

    The tour lasts about 2 hours but it may vary according to our guests’ wish and interest. We can meet in the Little Square where we’ll start the tour from.

    For bookings and any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact us!

    The tour can be provided in English, French and Spanish!

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Sibiu Sightseeing Tour

    The tour includes a delightful, fun tour in the old town of Sibiu, a visit at the evangelical church, an aromatic coffee to go and a delicious Brukenthal chocolate.


    Our tour does not include
    • Any other entrances/ services
    • Souvenirs