Out of the Beaten Path


Keep calm and stay away from the over-crowded places, enjoy nature!

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All about the Out of the Beaten Path.

Out of the Beaten Path

Saxon Villages Tour

In a bustling world of stress in which time is our worst enemy, a few relaxing days far from the crowded places sound so good. Sometimes, July and August might be quite busy and the famous tourist attractions are over-crowded.

Thus, we suggest you a day trip away from the heavy traffic, crowds of people and noisy places. We suggest you a tour in the countryside, in the northern part of our county, in the Saxon area. We’ll have a drive through the Transylvanian Highlands, enjoy the beautiful nature, visit some old fortified churches and citadels, have a relaxing trekking tour above the villages just to admire the view.


Romania is one of the richest countries in Europe in what regards biodiversity. 23 % of the area of the country is represented by natural protected areas; there are 350 Natura 2000 sites and 15 natural parks, thus Romania – and our region – becomes a perfect destination for eco-tourism. The Transylvania Highlands represent the biggest flora and fauna reserve.

The traditional farming in this area (you’ll see more carriages pulled by horses than tractors), the lack of pollution, the little population and the good climate all favoured perfect conditions for biodiversity; this is the perfect habitat for different wild animals and more than 600 species of butterflies. Every year, more than 20.000 migrating birds come in these areas to their nests.

To this amazing wildlife we add the diversified flora with numerous species of plants, flowers and trees (difficult to find anywhere else in Europe). The whole picture is filled in with the picturesque old Saxon villages, the local architecture, the fortified churches, the old manors, the local people and, of course, the local gastronomy.

We invite you to enjoy a day away from stress, from phone or Internet connections, a day just for your soul!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

The tour includes:

  • Different Saxon villages (we can suggest some but this is a tailor-made tour so we can choose together the itinerary)
  • We can also include an easy trekking tour, above the village, perfect for great pictures

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What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

The tour doesn’t include but we can add, at your request:

  • A pick-nick on a hill, or lunch at a local household
  1. Location 1 Saxon Villages

    It’s a great chance to learn more about the Saxons, their history in this area, their traditions, their influence on our culture and civilisation. We’ll have a walk through the villages and enjoy the typical architecture.


  2. Location 2 Fortified Churches & Manors

    These churches are not just places where people used to pray – they were the heart of the community. The place where people used to hide and defend themselves during the attacks of the enemies, they were also storage places, amazing monuments of innovative military architecture, witnesses of hundreds of years of events. If they were to speak, the walls of these churches would have so many stories to tell.

    Let’s discover together the great universe of the Saxon fortresses and Hungarian noblemen manors!


  3. Location 3 Nature & Fun

    We can enjoy a relaxing walk in these villages or on the hills nearby for a great view, some fresh air and pure nature.


Tour details

We suggest you some nice places we could visit and, according, to your wish, we can pick them together and tailor them to create the perfect tour. Some of the places we could visit:

  • Mosna fortified church,
  • Alma Vii village and church,
  • Biertan UNESCO village with a short trekking,
  • Malancrav church and Apafi Manor,
  • Cris old castle,
  • Viscri UNESCO fortified church,
  • Crit old church,
  • Medias – a former medieval town with an interesting old town and the only ceramic manufacture in the region.
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Transylvania HighlandsCountryside Escape
Local lunch... but we can add it, at request

Yes, it is a private tour. Our main aim is to organize a nice, relaxing tour, a day in which you can enjoy yourselves and your time spent here.

Yes, we can set the itinerary together and if you have a special request we’ll try to fit it in. Just let us know!

Overall Rating
David S
Reviewed On 28/01/2020

A very enjoyable tour, taking in the UNESCO sights, and the lovely landscapes of rural Transylvania. Our guide, Adela, was very informative, well organised, and most fluent in English. Thank you!

Tara R
Reviewed On 28/01/2020

Adela was a great guide, informative and pleasant, someone who makes your trip very enjoyable and knowledgeable.