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Are your parents, grandparents or other relatives from Romania? Are you curious to learn more about them and Romania? Let’s discover their story together!

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    All about the Ancestry Tours – Family Stories.

    My own ancestry experience…

    Ancestry Tours – Family Stories: a tour inspired from my own story.

    Two years ago I discovered, by chance, my great-grandfather’s story – a story nobody in his/my family (quite a large one) has known about. I didn’t know too many things about my ancestors and I was pretty sure they were all little farmers from around Sibiu. But, my great-grandfather’s story was such a surprise…

    I found out he was a sailor in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. In 1913 he went on an expedition journey with a cruiser ship – Kaiserin Elisabeth – and visited India, Egypt, Hong-Kong and China. In 1914, in September, when WWI started his cruiser ship was in Tsingtao, a German colony in China. Japan attacked Tsingtao so Kaiserin Elisabeth crew had to fight back and defend it, as Austro-Hungarians were allies of Germany. One month later, the cruiser ship was defeated by the Japanese so, my great-grandfather and his crew were taken prisoners. He spent 5 years in the prisoner camps, in Japan. He was released in 1919, came back to Sibiu, made a family and… here I am:)


    In the latest years, I noticed this new trend…. Many tourists make their DNA tests and realize that their ancestors had their origins in Romania. Many of them emigrated at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th. Some left the country even later, around WWII. Actually, most probably my great-grandfather enrolled the Austro-Hungarian Navy hoping to leave for USA…

    If you have origins in Transylvania and want to learn more, we are happy to help you and join you. We had so many tourists who didn’t know too many things but their trip here was revealing and they discovered lots of interesting things.

    If you let us know your family story (and origins) we can customize the tour and the itinerary!

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    The tour includes:

    • The day trip/ walking tour/ itinerary we set together according to your request;
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    A Do-it-Yourself Ancestry Tour

    We can tailor together the tour. All you have to do is to provide us as much information as you know about your ancestors (the place where they lived, their name, when they left) and we can create an itinerary following their traces.

    You can discover new places, meet people, get testimonies, learn more about the local culture and civilization, explore towns and villages – you can, actually, write your own story.

    A customized tourWrite your own story in Transylvania!

    We are happy that you are interested in your family history, especially as they have their origins in Transylvania. Let us know all the information you have and let’s set the details of your visit together!

    There is no problem, we’re happy to help you. We can follow your ancestors traces and learn more about them while visiting these area. There are so many things you’d be interested to learn about:)

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    Mik, Austria
    Reviewed On 25/02/2020

    We were group of IT guys on the roadshow trip across Romania and Sibiu was our last stop. On the way from Cluj I was searching for some walking tour possibilities in Sibiu and Adela contacted us over Whatsapp. We agreed on half day tour and it was just great! We did not realize how all our history (Romania, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia... those were countries our group was coming from ;o)) is connected. How beautiful city Sibiu is and Adela helped us to understand it better. THANK YOU Adela!