Amazing Castles: Peles and Bran


A great day at two famous castles!

Let’s have a Sibiu day trip at two of the most famous castles in Romania and even Europe:
Peles Castle and Bran Castle!
Although there is a difference of about five centuries between them,
each of these two castles impresses due to their stunning architecture,
awesome stories and lovely surroundings. We can even have ur lunch or
coffee break by the side of the castles. That would make our tour even better!

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    All about the Amazing Castles: Peles and Bran.

    Although there is a difference of about five centuries between them, each of these two castles impresses due to their stunning architecture, awesome stories and lovely surroundings. Let’s learn more about two amazing castles: Bran and Peles!

    Peles Castle | Sinaia Mountain Resort

    Peles Castle
    Peles Castle

    Over 40 years, a big team of builders, artists, wood-carvers and famous architects brought Peles Castle into existence. The neo-Renaissance masterpiece was commissioned by Romania’s first king, Carol I (of German origins), and its first stone was laid in 1875. The castle’s construction was entirely finished in 1914. It was built right at the bottom of the mountains with an astonishing view, at the former border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Inside, not a single corner is empty of silk rugs, Murano glass, carved walnut or polished marble.

    Bran Castle | Bran Mountain Resort


    Bran Castle‘s story goes way back in time, somewhere the 13th century. It is said that the first who erected a watch tower here the Teutonic Knights. Later on, in the 14th century, the Saxon authorities from Brasov built the castle as a customs defensive structure at the border between Transylvania and Wallachia.

    Bran Castle perches dramatically on a hill in Transylvania, its turrets and steeples rising above a crown of trees in the Carpathian Mountains. Depending on what account you read, Vlad Tepes, also know Vlad the Impaler as V, may have spent a night or two in this fortress as a prisoner.

    Irish novelist Bram Stoker based his fictional vampire on this historical 15th-century prince, whose fondness for torturing enemies on stakes as a public warning earned him his nickname. Now visitors from all over the world descend on rural Transylvania for a chance to experience some of the eerie thrill of Stoker’s novel. Yet, Stoker never visited Transylvania, much less Bran Castle. So how did it come to be known as Dracula’s? Well, this is a topic we’ll debate during our visit… Of course, we’ll also talk about the changes the castle went through during the 1920s when Queen Marie of Romania transformed it into her summer residence.

    This is a great tour that will help you better understand Romania’s history. But it’s not only about history, it is also about wonderful views, fascinating stories and lots of fun!


    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour includes a visit at the two castles:

    • Peles Castle
    • Bran Castle
    • … And a breathtaking drive through the Carpathians and several mountain resorts!
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour does not include but, according to our time, we can add:

    • a visit at the little Pelisor Castle, located next to Peles;
    • local lunch at one of the chalets nearby or a coffee break with a view towards the castles.
    Pelisor Castle
    Pelisor Castle
    1. Location 1 Peles Castle

      One of the most beautiful and luxurious castles in Europa. Its construction lasted more than 40 years, being entirely finished in 1914. It was the summer residence of the Romanian Kings – Carol I, Ferdinand, Carol II and Michael I – a lot of the important political and strategic decisions being taken here.

      The architecture is so astonishing that it attracted even film directors, many Netfilx productions being shot here (like A Christmas Prince). A visit at the Peles Castle will definitely be an unforgettable one and will make you feel, for a few hours, like a royal family member.


    2. Location 2 Bran Castle

      Even though it has such a long and great history, Bran Castle attracts lots of curious travelers and Dracula lovers. The castle itself is a fascinating Gothic masterpiece which in the 1920s became Queen Marie’s summer residence.

      In the garden, at the bottom of the castle, on the bank of the lake we’ll talk about the history of this amazing structure, we’ll see why it became an emblem of Dracula and we’ll debate so many interesting topics. The visit is quite a revealing one!


    3. Location 3 Travellers' Choice

      It is a long trip and drive but we could also add another visit to our tour. It can either be a nice location for lunch/ coffee break, a tour at the Pelisor Castle or a walk through the old town of Brasov.



    Enjoy a walking tour in the old town of Brasov

    Tour details

    There’s so much more to see…

    This is quite a long drive from Sibiu. If we start early in the morning we have time enough to visit both castles and add some extra visits/ lunch or coffee break.

    If you want to enjoy more of this region, as there are so many other interesting places to visit (fortified churches, citadels, the medieval town of Brasov and the amazing natural sites) then we can extend our trip to two or three days.

    We can easily customize the tour and create a new itinerary including all the sites you’d like to visit. Please let us know in time and we’re happy to tailor the tour for you!

    Bran Castle
    Bran Castle
    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    A visit at the most famous castles in Romania... plus, lots of charming stories and a breathtaking landscape!
    Peles Castle
    Peles Castle
    Lunch or other tourist sites...... According to the time left and your request we can add other stops.
    Bran Castle
    Bran Castle

    Yes, we prefer private tours but, at request, we can also organize shared tours.

    Our trip starts and finishes in Sibiu and/ or Brasov. We suggest two castles (among the most famous in Romania) but we’re happy to customize the tour for you. We can visit only one of them or both and include other visits depending on your preferences.

    Overall Rating
    Barry, Ireland
    Reviewed On 25/02/2020

    Our group of 9 hikers travelled and walked in May 2017 with Mountain Guide Sibiu. The trip included 7 days hiking in Transylvania, and visits to Peles Castle, Bran Castle, Sibiu, and Brasov and Bucharest,under the care of our 100% professional guides Iulian Panescu and George Servan. The mountains can be best described as akin to the Alps but without any of the development, creating a real sense of remoteness. After several days of increasingly challenging walks, we began a 3 day trip to the highpoint of Romania, Moldoveanu Peak ( 2,544m). Podragu Cabin, was an excellent mountain cabin given its remoteness. As expected facilities were basic but the norm for such huts. The food was very good and the owner Carina was very welcoming. My own highlights of the trip were the city of Sibiu , the Zarnesti Gorge and Moldoveanu Peak The standard of food, transport and accommodation off- mountain was excellent and could not be faulted. Along with julien and Georges our guide to Sibiu,Adela Dadu was a incredible source of information, history, politics and anecdotes. Our driver for the week,whom we christened Sean, made it his business to have beers cooling in streams when we finished every walk!! A fantastic trip, made possible by great people from a beautiful country!!!

    Mattew, UK
    Reviewed On 25/02/2020

    My friend and I enjoyed a lovely day with Adela exploring Bran Castle and Brasov. Adela is punctual, friendly and very knowledgeable about the local areas and its history. The drive from Sibiu to Bran is a bit on the long side, but the landscape on the way was amazing. Would definitely recommend Adela to anyone who is visiting and hope to see you soon Adela on my next trip!