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It's about YOU!

Travelling is a great occasion not only to discover and explore new places but also to discover yourself! It's a great chance to meet other people, make new friends, learn and see things and places you've never thought of. Travelling enriches you; the more you travel the more tolerant and knowledgeable you become!

Sustainable Travel

When not controlled, mass tourism can harm communities and the environment. This is why we promote private tourism with a focus on preserving the local culture and traditions and protect as much as possible the environment. We want to support local communities and preserve the natural flora and fauna. We want to be RESPONSIBLE!

Mission & Values

Climate change, pollution, over-tourism, food waste, animal protection and local identity and values are all issues that deeply concern us. Our main mission is to organize responsible tourism with positive impact over our areas. It would be our pleasure to share the same vision with our guests.

About VisitSibiu

Our hobby became a passion, our passion a profession!

Tailor-made & Customized Tours

We're not historians, professors or teachers.... We're locals with great passion for our native places. Our greatest wish is to make you better understand us, Romanians, our views, our history, our life philosophy. We don't like monologues and we'd love to communicate with you, have interesting debates and exchange opinions.

We would like to share our knowledge but, in the same time, we would like to learn from you, too. Each and every tour is a great opportunity to approach new topics and improve each others awareness. With our ability we'll try to answer all your questions and help you better understand our country, our people. We can create the tours according to your interests and customize them together.

Travel with a reason!

In the last few years people's travel trends seem to have changed. Nowadays, tourists try to avoid over-crowded places, they are eager to discover new, interesting, less-known sights. Many of our guests try to discover the story of their ancestors, their own families who once migrated from Romania.

Some are curious about our recent history, the impact of Communism, the hard transition, our present political and economic situation, our place within EU. Some guests dream of a romantic Transylvania with beautiful landscape, traditions and delicious gastronomy. Regardless the reasons, we're happy to help you, give all the necessary information you need and make your stay as pleasant as possible!

People Power

Our Passion is the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Support in customizing your tour

If you want to plan in advance your tour in our region and try to benefit as much as possible from your time spent here, please contact us and we'll try to provide all the necessary support.

Let us know your interests, your passions, what itinerary you'd like to have, what place you'd like to visit. As professional tour guides, first we like to listen to your requests and then we can bring some suggestions.

We can organize walking tours, day trips or even longer tours in the region of Sibiu but not only. We would love to take you through Transylvania and discover together its precious heritage, its wonderful people, its staggering landscape.

If you take a last minute decision to visit our region, contact us and we'll try to find the best solution for you and check if one of our guides is available.

Like Transylvania, Like no Other Place!”
Eco Adventures

Transylvania Highlands is famous for its natural reserves, its landscape diversity, the various species of plants, birds, insects, wild animals. It is the perfect place to enjoy some real eco adventures and protect biodiversity!

Green Tourism

As you visit Transylvania, you'll see that it's such a colorful land; but, among all colors Transylvania is green: green forests, green fields, green hills... Sibiu and Transylvania are areas of green tourism!

Work with Locals

We like to work with local people - farmers, shepherds, people with great stories from whom we can learn so many nice and interesting things.

Awards & Accolades

We have been awarded several TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence but our greatest award is, by far, our travellers' satisfaction and great reviews!

Innovative Tours

We are curious and always have a keen desire to discover new places and people. We like to promote out of the beaten path and innovative tours!

Sustainable Travel

Climate changes, pollution, over-tourism, food and water waste, deforestation and the destruction of the natural habitats have a terrible impact over the environment. Our main mission is to promote sustainable and responsible tourism!

VisitSibiu History

We've been involved in local and regional tourism for over 13 years. We love working with people, promoting our region, learning new things and making new friends!

Core Values

Our core values are based on the promotion of our local spirit, traditions, communities, experiences, activities, history, heritage and daily life. Our main mission is to make you better understand Romania.


People who always support and endorse our good work!