There’s poetry and beauty on every street corner and eyes on every roof. This rich city, one of the most visited in Romania, represents 800 years of history in an unspoiled setting yet remains one of the most modern and dynamic cities in Europe.

A gastronomic tourism destination – the only city in Romania to be awarded three Michelin stars — Sibiu is a destination for history buffs, outdoor activities fans, photographers and hikers. | This is a fragment from a Forbes Magazine article, February 2020

VisitSibiu Values and a New Travel Era

Sibiu Tour Guide | Post Covid-19 Travel Challenges

Sars-Cov-2 pandemic has had a terrible impact over the whole world. Above many others, tourism industry was seriously affected. We had to cancel all our tours, change our strategy, give up our old plans and re-think others.

But, sooner or later things will get back to normal. A new normal, of course. We’ll finally realize how important our health and safety are. We’ll discover that even our vacations should be different with more focus on open air activities and active tours. We’ll avoid crowded places and seek for more out of the beaten path tours and local experiences.

At the dawn of the new normal a different generation of tourists is being formed. Apart from health safety there is also mass awareness of climate change, and how every individual needs to be more responsible with the environment and with the people around.

People become more aware of the impact of tourism and travelling. They are more interested in travelling with a reason influenced by health issues, political and economic perspectives, climate change, family background, environment threats.

Tourism is such a big industry and sometimes its impact might be dramatic. We have just witnessed that… Therefore, our main mission is to embrace the new trends and support sustainable tourism within our destination. We guide ourselves after several values and we want to promote:

  • A safe vacation | Health comes first! So, for our future tours, including the ones in 2021, we’ll respect all the rules and regulations in order to create a safe environment for our guest. We don’t like the concept of “social distancing” but prefer “physical distancing”… We’ll keep distance, organize only private tours and make sure everybody comes and leaves happy and healthy!
  • Eco-friendly tours | Green Travel: we enjoy nature, hiking, trekking, biking and wildlife watching without affecting the environment integrity and biodiversity in any way. 
  • Off the beaten path tours: tourism can have a dramatic impact over the communities and many places around the world face over-tourism. This can damage the local communities, the environment and it may become unpleasant and uncomfortable for the travelers. Hence, we suggest you to take a wild break and discover new destinations and live new experiences!
  • Ancestry Travel: home DNA tests have been available for a while and their potential to inspire travel is tremendous. According to CN Traveler, 26 million people have taken an ancestry DNA test at home, and Airbnb’s recent partnership with DNA labs now helps to encourage travelers to go in search of their roots. As a trend, individuals start seeking out shared genetic links and cultural synergies. So, we are happy to provide you the necessary support to find your ancestors in Transylvania!
  • Alternative forms of accommodation: a new experience might be even trying a different type of accommodation (Eco-friendly, special or out-of-common, typical for the area, comfortable and cozy, intimate and unique). We’re happy to suggest you boutique hotels, traditional households, former Saxon and Hungarian manors, a clay castle, an ice-hotel or igloo village and even a sheepfold in the mountains. We can visit them and learn more about environmentally friendly accommodation. All of them will respect the medical safety regulations!
  • Short breaks (sometimes, last minute planning): we live in a busy high-tech society and many tourists prefer to take short breaks of just a few days to relax rather than longer vacations. Thanks to technology we can book our trips anytime, anywhere. In the season, even though it’s pretty difficult, we try to provide our services for tourists who book last minute. It is easier in winter-time but we’ll do our best also from May to October.
  • Motion based travel: from strolls in the countryside and hiking in the mountains to cycle-based trips in picturesque places like the Transylvanian Highlands is having a moment.

We’re proud you trust us and we’ll do our best to reach your expectations and tailor a great vacation! Sibiu and Transylvania are, fortunately, perfect destinations for a post pandemic vacation!

Let’s all adapt to this new normal and take care of ourselves and the dear ones around!