It is said that the citizens in Sibiu are proud people when they say that their city is one of the most beautiful in Europe… But is not just us who say that, there are worldwide tourist guides that can confirm this!

Many stories and legends have been written about Sibiu; stories that captivate us, amuse us and give us the feeling that we might live our own fantasy.

Sibiu means history, culture, traditions, architectural patrimony, events, stories with barons and knights, witches, villains, heroes, artists, personalities or simple people.

Sunset in Sibiu
Sunset in Sibiu

During more than 800 years, the dwellers of Sibiu, be they Saxons, Romanias or other ethnic groups, have worked very hard and contributed to the development of the nowadays city. In the beginning, they created a small community with a little church on a hill surrounded by a defensive wall. The invaders came and destroyed it to the ground, but the inhabitants didn’t give up, they insisted to remain here. More than that, they built a stronger fortress with high walls, strong towers and bastions. They built new churches, massive buildings, they erected a bridge in the middle of the citadel (The Liars’ Bridge), they gave their buildings “eyes” in order to protect them.

In the 18th century the fortress lost its defensive role and the town took a totally different shape. The Saxons and the Austro-Hungarian authorities built palaces, a theatre, walking alleys - actually, a modern European town.

Sibiu is a medium-sized town whose historic center distinguishes itself through its large squares, high-roof buildings, pale colored houses, buildings that combine various architectural styles. The Large Square, the Little Square, the Huet Square, the Goldsmiths’ Square, the Schiller Square, all of these differentiate themselves through the diversity of elements that connect them: passages, narrow tunnels and even a bridge.

Brukenthal Palace and the Town Hall
Brukenthal Palace and the Town Hall

Quite imposing are also the walls that surrounded the citadel; they were high, built in stone and brick, with a sentry way, towers and bastions; the fortress astonishes today, too. Even now, we can see why the enemies called it the “Red Town”.

Why is Sibiu famous? Because of its high church steeples, the well-known Brukenthal Palace, the Council Tower, The Stairs’ Passageway, The Journeymen House, the Altemberger House, the Evangelical Church, the Orthodox Cathedral, the lovely terraces, the piano and guitar tunes in the Little Square, the street events, the story of the former secret warehouses, the Revolution in 1989 and so many others…

Sibiu was European Capital of Culture in 2007 and yes, we are proud of this! The Green Michelin Guide awarded Sibiu 3 stars and tourist magazines all over the world talk about a surprising Sibiu. There are titles that honour Sibiu and would definitely make Herman proud - he was the knight who but the basis of an early settlement here and who predicted a bright future for it.

Sibiu from above
Sibiu from above

There are enough reasons to come to Sibiu… Of course, to these ones we may add the unique stories of Sibiu, the merry inhabitants always eager to welcome their guests, all the great events that enliven the squares every summer, the cosmopolitan air…

We invite you to an unforgettable journey, we propose you local experiences and, in the end, we promise you can even write your own story, here in the heart of Transylvania!

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Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: Brukenthal Palace, Large Square, Huet Square, Liars\' Bridge, Journeymen House, Fortification Walls and Towers
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