Old Manufecture

Ceramic tiles | Terracotta Medias

Pottery is quite an old craft and tradition in various area of Romania, its features being different according to the region.


Ceramic tile workshops were famous in Transylvania as many Saxons and Hungarian noblemen used to decorate their fireplaces and stoves with the beautiful tiles. We suggest you a visit at one of he few ceramic manufactures in Europe, a place in which you can learn the technique and even try yourself to make a model and decorate it.


Glass Factory | Avrig

The story of this place is so fascinating with a history that goes back into the 17th century. Ever since the manufacture has functioned with little change. Today, it is one of the few glass factories left in Europe, producing and exporting for various famous companies all over the world.

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Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: Avrig Glass Factory, Medias Ceramic Factory

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