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Stay-cation in Transylvania

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Covid-19 Pandemic has totally changed our lives… The whole world is confused, fearing for its health and future.

Tourism is the most affected industry as people from all over the world have cancelled their trips. I have been affected by this lock-down, too. As normal, all my tourists from March to June cancelled their trips and tours.

I miss socializing, I miss spending great quality time with my guests, I miss visiting my dear Transylvania but I must respect the rules and, above everything, me and my family, we have to stay healthy.

Virtual Tours Romania
Virtual Tours Romania

But, this situation doesn’t stop me doing what I enjoy… touring :). This is why, in the following period, together with a partner, I will organize various virtual tours through Transylvania with interesting themes and topics.

This is a great occasion to be creative, to reinvent ourselves, to try and be better. Virtual tours will never compensate real travelling but they can give you a hint of what you could visit next. They can help you plan your future trip. For those of you who have already visited Romania and Transylvania, this is a great occasion to learn more and remember your vacation here.

Apart from this, I will try to write more here about various topics: history, traditions, architecture, economy, politics… all kind of subjects of interest.

If you’re interested to visit Transylvania from the comfort of your home, follow me at the link below. I’d be so happy to meet you… online!