Via Transilvanica – UNESCO Heritage


Enjoy a great day in the Transylvania Highlands!

Have a trekking tour on Via Transilvanica, visit the stunning Biertan fortified church (UNESCO monument),
have a lovely walk in the village, enjoy a delicious local lunch!

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    All about the Via Transilvanica – UNESCO Heritage.

    Via Transilvanica and the Transylvania Highlands

    Everybody might have heard of the famous Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route, followed anually by thousands of travelers.

    Well, in Romania we can say we have a similar route – Via Transilvanica. It is a new route that unites the northern part of Romania (Putna area) with the sounthern part (Drobeta Turnu Severin) crossing Transilvania – about 1400 km (870 miles). Hence, tt is a wonderful project dedicated to all those who love to travel by foot, by bike or even in a horse saddle and to those who enjoy nature.

    The route goes through picturesque mountain and hilly areas, forests and colorful pastures, it passes by amazing lakes and goes along rivers. It passes thorugh various towns and villages, all of them with great natural and cultural patrimony.

    In the county of Sibiu, Via Transilvanica covers an area of about 100 Km (62 miles).

    We invite you on a great trekking day on Via Transilvanica, with spectacular views, charming Saxon villages, local community experiences and local gastronomy.


    Transylvania Highlands

    The Transylvania Highlands is an area located in the northern part of the county of Sibiu. It is a region that preserves so well the authentic medieval landscape in Europe.

    It is the largest protected area in Transylvania, with thousands of bird species nests, lots of species of insects and different plants. Transylvania Highlands is a region with high nature value farms, with extremely varied biodiversity, where traditional agricultural practices are preserved. Therefore it will amaze you with its idyllic villages, meadows with unique flowers, lakes and secular trees.

    Biertan – UNESCO Heritage Village

    Biertan is a former Saxon village – a real fairy tale village. It was built in the 14th century. Later, its community built, up ont he top of the hill, a great Gothic Church surrounded by impressive walls of fortification and towers. The church became a defensive place, a shelter during the attacks of the enemies.

    Five centuries later, the fortified church is very well preserved and has so many stories and legends to tell. The church, the village, the people, they are all amazing!

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour includes:

    • a visit at the fortified church in Biertan (UNESCO heritage monument)
    • a trekking tour from Biertan to Copsa Mare (a village nearby) on Via Transilvanica
    • a delicious local pick-nick
    • a visit at the fortified church in Copsa Mare 
    1. Location 1 Biertan

      Biertan UNESCO Village

      First, we’ll visit Biertan. It’s is such a lovely village! It was built many centuries ago by the Saxon colonists. In the 15th century they also built a Gothic church on the top of the hill. They added strong walls of fortification, towers and bastions to protect the comunity against the attacks of the enemies.

      We’ll have a visit at the church where we’ll talk about its history, its role within the community and its evolution during the centuries. We’ll explore its defensive structure and talk about the secret door, the secret tunnels, the prison, the bacon tower and so many others!


    2. Location 2 Hiking on Via Transilvanica

      Via Transilvanica Biertan – Copsa Mare

      Second on our visit list is Copsa Mare. From Biertan we’ll start our trekking trail to this little unspoiled village. We’ll climb the little terraced hill next to Biertan and, from its preak, we’ll enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view. It is the perfect place to

      We’ll walk through the oak and beech forest where we’ll explore the amazing biodiversity of the region.

      In Copsa Mare (also a former Saxon village) we’ll visit the fortified church and enjoy a delicious local pick-nick. The trail takes about an hour and it is very easy and relaxing. We’ll walk both ways and enjoy a fun day outdoors!


    3. Location 3 Copsa Mare

      Copsa Mare is another idyllic village, hidden on a valley and surrounded by hills. It is located close to Biertan so the trail between them is easy and enjoyable.

      In Copsa Mare we’ll visit the fortified church and climb up the bell tower to have a great panoramic view of the surroundings. On a little hill, above the village, there is an old pine tree. During the last years it has become a symbol of the place. we suggest you walk the hill and have a pleasant lunch break at the shadow of the tree. It will be so revitalizing!

    Meeting Place & Others

    The tour can start and finish in Sibiu or some other villages/ town in the area.

    The drive from Sibiu lasts about 1.15h but it’s quite a picturesque one as we’ll admire the Hartibaciu River Valley with all the idyllic villages, lovely landscape and old fortresses.

    The trekking trail is easy, it lasts about 2 hours and it goes through the forest, paved and unpaved road.

    We shall have a local pick-nick during pur trail but, if you want, you can also bring a little snack for the trekking tour. We suggest you to bring comforable shoes, sun hat and sunglasses, sunscreen and a raincoat.


    Nature, Patrimony, Local Life, Outdoor ActivitiesEnjoy a day in the Transylvania Highlands!

    This is a tailor-made tour but we have tried to include all the necessary ingredients for an unforgettable day in the Transylvania Highlands. Thus, we’ll enjoy a hiking tour on the famous Via Transilvanica, we’ll discover the famous Biertan fortified church (UNESCO monument), we’ll have a lovely walk in Biertan and we’ll enjoy a delicious pick-nick.

    Not necessary but we suggest comfortable shoes, sun hat/ sunglasses, sunscreen and a raincoat.

    No, this is an easy trail, with a little part of the hill we have to climb. The walk is about one hour, one way.

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