Brukenthal Palace and the Town Hall

Sibiu Walking Tour

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    All about the Sibiu Walking Tour.

    Visit Sibiu – A Walking Tour to Remember!

    Built in the 12th century by German settlers known as Transylvanian Saxons, Sibiu’s pristine old town has retained its grandeur and it is one of the prettiest towns in Romania. It’s a pedestrian city, with an imposing medieval wall, well-preserved towers, narrow streets, gabled 17th century buildings, the infamous Liar’s Bridge, and two church-dominated squares – Great Square and Little Square.
    We invite you to discover Sibiu during an unforgettable Visit Sibiu walking tour!


    There’s something special about Sibiu old town – something that attracts you, makes you eager to discover it. It is a town with such a rich history, built eight centuries ago by the Saxon colonists. Despite its hard, ruthless times the initial little village became a strong fortification, a big trade centre, a flourishing town during the Austro-Hungarian times and even a symbol of the fight against the totalitarian system during the Revolution in 1989. But, more of these, during our Sibiu walking tour.

    Due to the co-habitation in this area of different ethnic groups Sibiu became also an emblem of multiculturalism and inter-cultural relationships. In 2007 it became European Capital of Culture and in 2019 it was awarded the title of European Region of Gastronomy. Furthermore, my town was honoured to host in May 2019 the Informal European Union Summit.

    Depending whom you ask, Sibiu might be described as a vibrant town, sometimes romantic and picturesque, a town full of personality that can listen to you and even talk to you. During our walk through the squares, narrow passages or cobbled streets we’ll approach various topics also adapted to your interest. It will be an interesting and, why not, fun Sibiu walkabout!

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour includes all the important sights in the old town:

    • The main squares
    • The former walls of fortification and towers
    • The Liars’ Bridge and the Journeymen House
    • The Council Tower
    • The Town Hall
    • The Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church, the Orthodox Cathedral
    • The Brukenthal Palace
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    The standard tour doesn’t include but, at request, we could add to our Sibiu itinerary:

    • The local food market;
    • One of the museums;
    • The entrance in the Council Tower and the Evangelical Church.

    More about Sibiu touristic sights or buildings can be found on our Tourism Sibiu page.

    1. Location 1 Former Walls of Fortification

      The Fortress Street – probably one of the most beautiful streets in Sibiu with its former walls of fortification, towers, the Philharmonic Hall and…. the well-known Hall of Fame Alley!
      Let’s find out together why this street is considered the most beautiful in Sibiu / Cea mai frumoasa strada din Sibiu…


    2. Location 2 The Three Main Squares

      The three main squares in Sibiu: the Large, the Little and the Huet Square – each of them with such a variety of colourful buildings and a wide range of styles.  There are so many interesting stories that will make you better understand the evolution of Sibiu and even Transylvania.
      In summer time and in December, due to the big number of festivals and the Christmas market, all these squares become a vibrant colourful stage!


    3. Location 3 Sibiu Famous Buildings

      Due to its great evolution in time, Sibiu has become famous for its architectural styles, the interesting mix of colours and, of course, for its religious tolerance. A visit through the old town is the perfect occasion to learn more about the uniqueness of these places and how the ”Spirit from Sibiu” became an European model!


    Tour details

    Walkabout Tour | Sibiu Old Town

    According to your program and our tour schedule we can decide together the meeting place and, also, the best time to start. We try to be as flexible as possible and fit the program according to your needs.

    The tour lasts around 2 hours but, if you’re interested and have questions, it can easily be extended up to 3 hours. We’ll try to do it in a chronological order, easier for us to understand the facts. It’s a walking city tour, so we suggest good, comfortable shoes. If you want, we can also include a short coffee break during the tour, at one of the terraces viewing the squares. Our Sibiu itinerary can be easily customized.

    If you have special interests on a particular topic or if you want to visit a sight, please let us know in advance.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Walking tour in the Upper/ Lower TownWe'll include lots of stories, fun and quality time!
    Admission fees and museumsBut, at your request, we can add them, too.

    Yes, of course. We can adapt it to the little ones – add some more legends and stories, make it more fun:)

    Yes, this is only a walking tour in the old town; we suggest comfortable shoes and outfit.

    I’d answer both, if possible. Even though they were built more or less in the same time and had a similar evolution in time. Each of these towns has a great architectural patrimony, lots of interesting places to visit and great events to attend. Take time to enjoy both!

    Sibiu is famous for its events. Every June we organize the International Theatre Festival – the 3rd festival as size in Europe, for example. But there are so many other cultural and sports events, concerts, workshops, festivals, competitions, fairs. For more details you can check www.sibiu.turism.ro.

    Overall Rating
    Dan, USA/ TripAdvisor User
    Reviewed On 28/02/2020

    Adela Dadu is an excellent guide! She surpassed our expectations and surprised us pleasantly! Her knowledge of the sociopolitical circumstances in Romania and Transylvania, her knowledge of history, her view of Sibiu as a local and her ability to keep us engaged with stories and jokes made us love every minute of that walking tour. Her English is perfect and we would highly recommend her if you want to get to know Sibiu and its historical and cultural significance. Thank you Adela!

    Robert G, USA
    Reviewed On 28/02/2020

    We were very impressed with the knowledge of Adela. She was able to answer any questions we had about Sibiu, Transylvania or Romania. She was very proud of the city and you can tell. Great tour!

    Yulia M
    Reviewed On 21/01/2020

    Best guide in Sibiu! I absolutely loved this tour! Adela has a perfect combination of knowledge, humor, tact & professional experience. Her stories were full of amazing facts and very informative. I loved every minute of these days really.

    Phil Adams
    Reviewed On 21/01/2020

    I booked a city walking tour online in advance & from the start Adela was in touch to confirm time & dates. 6 of us only had the weekend in Sibiu & Adela was the most awesome tour guide for our 2hour adventure. Adela met us at a cafe & then we had a quick Sibiu/Romania history chat before setting out to walk. The sun came out & Sibiu was shining in all its glory. Adela was so intuitive, knowledgeable, articulate & personable that we all commented how incredible she was & her care, honesty & enthusiasm for her job & Sibiu, made the tour a highlight of our short stay.