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    All about the Sibiu Communism Tour.

    Sibiu – Communism Tour

    A walk through the 20th and 21st Century

    The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future | Theodore Roosevelt
    Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it | Edmund Burke

    If we know our past and history, we are aware of our present days and we could easily predict the near future…. It is essential to know our past, to understand it, to acknowledge it. The past events, our ancestors, all somehow have an impact on what we are today.

    But, in my opinion, the most essential period is our very recent past, the 20th century and also the beginning of the 21st. After two devastating wars, after a lot of war crimes, Holocaust and deportations, Romania entered a deep crisis and a huge change through its 45 years of Communism. The Revolution in 1989 came, and the so-called democratic power won. In reality, things were a bit different. 30 years later, Romania still hasn’t finished its transition.


    During our Sibiu Communism Tour we’ll debate different topics connected to our recent, even contemporary history, we’ll make an interesting passage from the Sibiu (and Transylvania) of the 18th-19th century to the town dominated by forced industrialisation and demographic tragedies.

    In 1947. Romania became from a Monarchy, let by King Michael I, a Republic led by the Soviet Communists. It was a big change… The forced industrialisation and the systematising plan, the deportations and the Communist crimes had a deep impact over the Romanian people. In the end, everything led to a terrible Revolution and so many innocent people died… What was actually Communism? How was our life back then? Do I remember those days and the Revolution? How did things change in the last 30 years? There are so many questions but I invite you to take them step by step while walking through the former Communist Sibiu!

    It is a different tour that will definitely answer lots of your questions! We’ll focus more on debates, information and explanations rather than beautiful, unique sights 🙂

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour includes:

    • a walking tour of the Old Town (Upper Town) – as an introduction to the glorious era (La Belle Epoque, the Enlightenment of the 18th century)
    • a visit in the Lower Town – a sudden passage from an old, romantic, bohemian Sibiu to a rather industrial, rusty one;
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour doesn’t include:

    • any kind of entrance fees – this is a walking tour through the old town and the industrial part of Sibiu, there are no site entrances.
    1. Location 1 Sibiu Upper Town

      We’ll have a short walk through the old town (the upper part) of Sibiu and talk about its evolution in almost eight centuries: the fortification, the medieval town, the trade centre, the religion and masonic centre, the cultural destination the pre-industrial and industrial town. We’ll meet the old and nice part of Sibiu 🙂


    2. Location 2 The Lower Town

      The lower part of the town is a sort of the beauty and the beast image. It is the dreadful contrast between the old buildings belonging to different guilds, craftsmen and tradesmen of the 18th-19th century (and even earlier) and the hideous industrial site built in the ’50s – ’60s. We’ll also see how the process of industrialisation and the collective farms destroyed the former structure of the town.
      This is one of the areas where you can see the deep impact of Communism and the terrible changes our industry has gone through after the Revolution.


    Tour details

    We can set together the meeting place and the hours, depending on both our possibilities. As this is a walking tour we suggest comfortable shoes:).

    Also, if you’re interested on any topic regarding our history (and not only), please let us know, we’re happy to answer all your questions.

    Also, you can learn more about Sibiu and the region here.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Sibiu: old vs. newA walking tour through Sibiu's history

    The tour includes both the Upper Town and the Lower Town with a focus on its most recent downturn under communism and the transition years.

    Entrance fees

    The tour doesn’t include any entrancee fees, these are all optional.
    Also, the tour doesn’t include any coffee/ lunch break, this can be added at your request.


    This can be a private tour (at request) or a group tour in case there is a larger organized group.

    Yes, we’ll visit some of the former industrial areas but also the places where the Revolution in 1989 took place.

    Yes, of course. Actually, Nicolae Ceausescu was one of the most famous Communist dictators in Europe. He was also the only one executed, at the end of the Revolution, after a very short trial. During our tour, we’ll learn more about him and his life and family.

    Overall Rating
    Yuliana, Israel
    Reviewed On 26/02/2020

    I absolutely loved this tour! Adela has a perfect combination of knowledge, humor, tact & professional experience. Her stories were full of amazing facts and very informative. I loved every minute of these days really.

    Phill Adams, UK
    Reviewed On 26/02/2020

    Perfect Sibiu highlights tour I booked a city walking tour online in advance & from the start Adela was in touch to confirm time & dates. 6 of us only had the weekend in Sibiu & Adela was the most awesome tour guide for our 2hour adventure. Adela met us at a cafe & then we had a quick Sibiu/Romania history chat before setting out to walk. The sun came out & Sibiu was shining in all its glory. Adela was so intuitive, knowledgeable, articulate & personable that we all commented how incredible she was & her care, honesty & enthusiasm for her job & Sibiu, made the tour a highlight of our short stay.

    Jack and Raeanne Walker, USA
    Reviewed On 27/01/2020

    What a wonderful month long adventure we had and Romania was definitely a highlight. Thank you Adela for giving us such a memorable tour! What a wonderful trip it was!