Local Breakfast with Stories


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when joined by a good company in a lovely town it becomes the greatest meal of the day!

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    All about the Local Breakfast with Stories.

    A Tour to Remember

    Local Experiences. Local Spirit.

    Breakfast is, indeed, the most important meal of the day; most places have their own typical and traditional breakfast but their ingredients and ways of cooking can vary widely from one area to another. So, when you come to Sibiu you must taste the local breakfast but not not anyhow…

    The program #localbreakfast was created in order to promote the gastronomy of our region through local products and recipes. The main aim was also to consolidate the connection between the local farmers, the tour operators and our guests.


    This program was created following the pattern of the Slow Food principles, according to which a food product should not travel long distances from the place where it was produced/ harvested preserving, thus, its main properties and qualities. Local mean less than 50 km (about 30 miles) from the origin place within the borders of our county.

    #localbreakfast is a project created by the Tourism Association in Sibiu in partnership with the Association My Transylvania and Slow Food Sibiu and it was also part of the program Sibiu, Region of Gastronomy 2019.

    So, we suggest you a tour in which you can taste the #localbreakfast but also enjoy the stories of Sibiu!

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    This tour includes:

    • Morning, refreshing walking tour in Sibiu
    • A delicious, healthy breakfast
    1. Location 1 Sibiul Old Town

      We invite you to a relaxing, refreshing and interesting morning tour in Sibiu. We have all the arguments to convince you to have a morning tour: the town is less crowded, in summer-time it is quite reviving and we’re more energetic 🙂
      We’ll discover the stories of our town and region, talk about its history, patrimony, about its events, people and… gastronomy, of course.


    2. Location 2 Breakfast Place

      Of course, the highlight of the tour will be the breakfast. We’ll select one of the places part of the program #localbreakfast. We’ll enjoy a nice meal, natural and fresh products and, why not, quality time!


    3. Location 3 Food Market

      Meeting the local farmers/ producers creates a special bound – the product you’re eating has a story and the experience becomes even more profound. If it’s on a Friday we can go and visit the weekly farm market in the Huet Square (where only local producers come). If it’s not a Friday we can go to the daily food market which is even bigger and meet farmers from all over the country.


    Tour details

    You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy the local breakfast…. You just have to be curious to try the gastronomy of Sibiu. Breakfast is full with ingredients, various types of meat and dairies but mostly, fresh vegetables. Breakfast is part of our culture and you can understand more of the region through the dishes you’re tasting.

    Many people just eat without thinking of the story behind those products but once you know about them, where and how they were made everything gets more sense. We’ll talk about Sibiu, about the program European Region of Gastronomy, about the food culture and the inter-cultural influences in our area.

    We’ll set together the meeting place, the breakfast location and the walking tour details.

    If interested, we can also extend our tour to the villages around and have an authentic farm-to-table experience!

    Breakfast and Walking TourA revitalizing morning tour for a great day!


    In case you’re vegetarian or have food restrictions, please let us know in advance and we’ll adapt the menu.

    Of course, children are always welcome especially when it’s about healthy food and nice stories!

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    Hivet, USA
    Reviewed On 28/02/2020

    Adela is an awesome guide, she made sure that we were all enjoying not only our tour, but our overall trip. She made sure to take her time in explaining everything to us. I would definitely go back and book another tour with Adela, she is the best!!!