Horse-Back Riding and Carriage Ride

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    All about the Horse-Back Riding and Carriage Ride.

    Horse-back Riding in Transylvania

    Horse-back Riding | Carriage and Sleigh Ride in Transylvania Countryside

    Horse-Back riding tours or a carriage ride? Great idea! You can explore and discover the amazing nature in this area, from the saddle… And, this is not only about riding… It’s also about the beautiful views, the unique wildlife, the old Saxon villages and the countryside life.


    During your tour you can have a break and relax at the shade of an old oak tree, enjoy a delicious snack while admiring the Transylvanian Highlands. For an unforgettable tour, we suggest our partners, the equestrian centre, Villa Abbatis.

    Their horses are a mix of Lipizzaner breed and sport horses, trained and groomed at the highest standards.

    Șoc, the eldest, together with Leilah, Perolita, Zaraza, Voxy, Mika, Demi, Vera, Bella, Palinca, Robin, Taiga, Dottie, Cezar, Josephine, Gaia,  are the horses you will be trained on. They will also lead you on forest paths and hills. Cezar is a gentle giant, very calm with beginners and very reliable steps in and get the carriage moving.

    You can choose from various types of trails Villa Abbatis offers:

    • Wine Trail
    • Legendary Trail
    • Saxon Trail
    • Royal Trail
    • Green Trail
    • Apple Trail

    For those who don’t ride, we suggest a tour in a carriage pulled by horses. It can be in the mountains, in a traditional Romanian village or in the hilly areas. Of course, we can combine the ride with various local visits thus we can enjoy a great day outdoors, combining a cultural visit with a delightful ride and some adrenaline!

    Children are also welcome! Together we can learn more about the daily life of the community in this area. We can also learn interesting things about the projects Villa Abbatis has in the area: restoration, conservation, wildlife protection, touristic integration and implementation.

    Winter can also be fun, in Transylvania especially when it is snowing. Thus, we invite you for a sleigh ride either in the Astra Open Air Museum (the biggest open air, ethnographic museum in South-East Europe) or in the villages around Sibiu.

    For any further details, please contact VisitSibiu team.


    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The tour can include:

    • A horse-back ride tour;
    • Local lunch/ pick-nick;
    • Local visit in the villages we’re going through
    • Carriage ride | Sleigh ride (Astra Open Air Museum, in various villages) with local visits
    1. Location 1 Transylvania Countryside

      Transylvania Highlands 

      Horse-Back Riding | Carriage Tours | Lots of Stories

      Villa Abbatis is located at about 50 minutes from Sibiu, in Apos, a little former Saxon village. It’s community has decreased a lot after the 90s. Mihai, the owner of Villa Abbatis is a horse trainer and entrepreneur who decided to bring back to life this amazing area, integrate its community, encourage horse-riding and develop tourism.

      Mihai managed to save from ruins the Saxon church and the former parish house. He built a big stable preserving the old Transylvanian style and built a traditional kiln for making roof tiles. Thus, he managed to bring this craft back to life in the Hartibaciu Valley. And, of course, he used roof tiles made in Apos, for his stable.


      HRH Prince Charles officially launched the kiln in June 2015 and he’s a strong supporter of this project.

      In the village, Mihai managed to restore several facades and a roof. And he also donated several water buffaloes to villagers in Apoș and Alțâna. Raising water buffaloes goes back to 1700 in the area, but in the last 20-30 years, their number dropped by 90%.


      Mihai’s dream (and also ours) is that all people in Apoș (and the areas around) become an active community, help and respect each other; the village should be the self-reflecting mirror we all look into. I think the first step is done: he surrounded himself by passionate and gifted people and we took it upon ourselves us to make Transylvania known in the whole wide world through tourism.

      The horse trails and carriage rides will be a great adventure during which you’ll discover more about this region and its fantastic people and projects!

    Tour details

    If you’re interested in a horse-back riding tour or a carriage ride in Sibiu and around, please contact us and let us know more details: what’s your training level, how much would you like to ride, what services would you like us to provide.


    Together with our partners we’ll try to design the perfect day tour for you, customized according to your request. Due to weather conditions, we suggest these tours from May to October when the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy a great day outdoors!

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