Cycling in the Countryside


If you enjoy riding in the countryside than this is the perfect tour for you!

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All about the Cycling in the Countryside.

Nature Landmarks

“The landscape balances mysterious forests with wonderful meadows and pastures, with little interference of large arable areas or big human settlements” – HRH Prince Charles of Wales.

The county of Sibiu and the areas around have lots of bike trails especially in the hilly region. This is the former Saxon county with so many little villages hidden in the valleys, far from the main roads.

We suggest you a trail trip that combines perfectly riding with the visit of the villages, fortresses, fortified churches and, of course, a delicious local snack.


As there are various trail options, we can make some suggestions and pick together the ones you like the most. The trails can be of different levels and length, they can be focused only on riding or we can also add some particular visits in the countryside and, why not, wildlife watching. Most of the trails are in the northern part of our county, in the area of the Transylvanian Highlands but we can do several tours (especially mountain-biking) in the southern part of the region, in the area of the Cindrel Mountains.

Let us know what you’d like to visit, your level of difficulty and, together, we’ll create an itinerary that suits you the best.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

The tour includes:

  • A bike tour (tailored according to your wishes: level, length, region);
  • Any activities that could be associated with: visit at various sites, hiking, wildlife watching, local brunch;
  • We can help you rent a bike through the help of our local rent-a-bike partners;
  1. Location 1 Transylvania Highlands

    Transylvania Highlands is a region covering a huge surface of former Saxon villages, forests, hilly areas, large valleys and pastures.

    It is part of Natura 2000 area, a protected area with thousands of bird species, insects and various plants. It’s a region with High Nature Value Farms and extremely varied biodiversity preserved by the traditional agricultural practices.

    And, apart this amazing landscape, the region is famous for its former Saxon villages with a traditional quite well preserved architecture and lots of fortified churches and citadels.


    If you’re a bike lover wish for a vacation that involves lots of action, we suggest you the area of Transylvania Highlands. Wander freely over hills and valleys, enjoy the landscape and explore such a picturesque area.

    There are various trails in this region:

    • for leisure rides suitable for beginners and families (more than 300 km of trails);
    • for an adrenaline rush and off-road sensations (more than 100 km of fast single track trails just for that)

    Totally, there are over 500 km of marked trails, which connect the villages in the north of the Transylvanian Hills. Perfect for an adrenaline adventure!

    IMPORTANT: you may encounter wild animals and sheepfolds, guarded by dogs. We recommend that you are accompanied by an experienced local guide who knows the trails and the region!

  2. Location 2 Cindrel Mountains

    The county of Sibiu lies at the bottom of the Cindrel Mountains with an altitude that ranges around 2000 m. There are lots of villages spread at the bottom of the mountains and, not far from Sibiu, there is also a mountain resort – Paltinis.

    It is a great area for mountain bike lovers as it offers lots of trails that can take you either thorough these villages or up till the pasture areas. The trails in this area are more effort demanding but once you reach the top, the view is astonishing!

Tour details

Cycling in the Countryside

Are you a professional biker or do you enjoy biking just for fun? As we have quite a diversified offer in the region, we would be happy to adapt it to your profile and tailor the best riding day possible. During our tour we’ll enjoy the amazing landscape: the colourful hills, the shady valleys, the fresh forests, the picturesque Saxon or Romanian villages, the pastures with flocks of sheep calmly grazing – riding the bike in these areas is more complex, it’s not only about cycling but also about enriching yourself while exploring stunning places.

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    Transylvanian Highlands reveal a scenery as varied as it is enchanting: beautiful slopes, eagles and bears, fortified churches and villages that look like a fairy tale, good and healthy food made with local ingredients, stories, legends and folk traditions. Breathe in the wild nature and enjoy quiet moments in the largest continental protected area Natura 2000 in Romania (1000 plant species, 30% of the Romanian flora, 7 Natura 2000 sites, various butterflies and birds species, oak forests, rich grasslands).


  • Cindrel Mountains border the southern part of our county. This is a fascinating area covered with oak, beech, ash and fir trees, endless pastures that climb up until the peak of the mountains giving you the feeling that they touch the horizon, wild flowers and various forest fruit, sheepfolds and mountain cabins – it all seems like a surrealist painting.
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Transylvania on a Bike!Day Trips in the Area of Sibiu
Road and Highway Tours

We try to avoid as much as possible heavy traffic roads, busy cities and dangerous highways. We’ll spent most of the time on countryside/ forest roads, areas in which you’ll get more of the local spirit.


Yes, we prefer to organize private tours that are adapted to your profile.

We are happy to help you rent a bike. We’ll contact our partners and try to find the best bike for you.

Yes, but most of our tours are dedicated to riders who also love nature, culture, travellers who are curious to explore and discover new places!

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