Above the Transfagarasan


Enjoy a trekking tour, just above the Transfagarasan road and the Balea Lake! A stunning tour in the Transylvanian Alps!



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    2-8 ppl
All about the Above the Transfagarasan.

Hiking in the Transylvania Alps

The tour needs no presentation; it has all the ingredients for an unforgettable day! We climb up the mountains, just above the breathtaking Transfagarsan road and then we’ll continue hiking on the peak with a view over the road on one side and the glacier lake on the other side… We’ll be right on the top of the mountains, at about 2300 m altitude (about 7600ft).


Get your camera and binoculars: we’ll take some awesome pictures and, with some luck, we might spot wild goats and groundhogs. It’s a relaxing tour, not very challenging but spectacular enough.

There are three options we could take for the trekking:

  • very easy
  • easy
  • moderate

So, you don’t have to worry, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy such a tour!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

The tour includes:

  • Drive on the Transfagarasan road
  • Trekking tour above the road and the glacier lake
  • A visit at the Carta Cistercian abbey
  • Lots of fun and a great view
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

The tour doesn’t include, but at your request, we could add:

  • Lunch with a view at Albota Trout Farm, at the bottom of the Fagaras mountains
  1. Location 1 Transfagarasan Road

    According to Top Gear magazine the road is described as Romania’s highest road has all the ingredients in the Perfect Road recipe.


    The whole road itself is an adventure with hundreds of corners, dissecting a section of the breathtaking Carpathian mountain range, various fir tree, oak and beech forests, the high waterfall, the valley surrounded by steep rocks and cliffs – scintillating views as we both ascend and descend. A remote location to ensure you’ve got it mostly to yourself. It’s typically shut from November to July because of how treacherous the weather gets – sometimes, in wintertime the layer of snow can reach 3 m (about 9ft). So, we should enjoy our time up there, on the Transylvania roof!

  2. Location 2 Balea Lake Trail


    Leave yourself to the nature! Breathe deeply, enjoy the breeze and use the phone just to take pictures! 🙂

  3. Location 3 Balea Lake

    It is a glacier lake located at (2034 m / 7600 ft), surrounded by steep mountain peaks. The lake is not very deep so, in November-December it gets totally frozen. That’s when with the ice there an igloo-hotel and an ice-church are built.


  4. Location 4 Carta Abbey

    The former Cistercian Abbey in Carta is one of the oldest mentioned constructions in Transylvania – an interesting architectural mix within a beautiful background. The visit is quite relaxing and revealing as it has so many stories to tell.


Tour details

This tour can be customized; it can include the same attraction/ sights (Transfagarasan road, Balea Lake, Carta Abbey) but the trek is different according to your possibilities: very easy (walk around the lake), easy (a bit of trekking (around 2 hours) or moderate (3-4 hours trekking on the peak).

Let us know what you prefer and we’ll tailor it for you!
Nevertheless, in any of these cases, comfortable shoes and good outfit are required (also, raincoat, sunglasses).

The trekking tour can be done from July till the end of October!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Fresh air, amazing view, lots of fun!The adventure you won't forget!
Wild Animals Photo Session... but, with a bit of luck, it may come as an extra bonus:)

In case you want just a walk in the lake area then sports, comfortable shoes are good enough. For the hiking tours we recommend trekking shoes, raincoat, sports outfit, hat, sunglasses.

You can bring some light snacks for the tour and a bottle of water. For a more elaborate tour, we can stop at the lovely trout farm, on our way back, at the bottom of the Fagaras mountains.

Overall Rating
Suzie B
Reviewed On 26/01/2017

Wow! Quelle belle expérience pour nous. Nous recommandons fortement ce tour. Nous avons fait la route Transfagarasan, vu le lac et avons fait une magnifique randonnée. Adèle, do. Conjoint et Marius ont été très généreux. Ce fut la meilleure journée de notre voyage en Roumanie!

Kristi B
Reviewed On 19/06/2016

My husband and I did the Transfagarasan Highway Tour. It was amazing! I was really worried as it was the only day that wasn't clear and sunny and as we started up the road there was very little visability due to the fog and clouds. But once we were a little over halfway up we got above the clouds and could see the road from the view point as well as the clouds as they crept up the mountain. It was a very cool sight, my husband especially loved it. It was clear at the top as well as on the other side. The whole day was great, getting to see the Abbey and Clay Castle were bonuses. Lunch was fantastic and our guide, Peter, was friendly and charming. Highly recommend.