The Carpathian mountains and the Transylvania Highlands - two different and stunning areas in the region of Sibiu with endless trekking trails.
We can follow the trails of the shepherds up in the mountains, walk through dense forests, relax and enjoy the fresh air of the meadows, climb up the Fagaras mountains, the roof of Transylvania.

We can also enjoy a relaxing hike in the countryside, especially in the northern part of our county, on the foothills of the Carpathians. We can go on a relaxing stroll, visit the local Saxon villages, enjoy the rich biodiversity of the region.

Let us know what kind of tour you prefer, your level of difficulty and your interests. We can design a tour that can fit perfectly your character and personality.



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Best Seasons:All year round
Popular Location:Fagaras Mountains, Cindrel Mountains, Transylvania Highlands, Foothills, Piatra Craiului Mountains
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Trekking in Rimetea

9 hours

The ruins of a former citadel, a traditional Hungarian village and trekking with a great view – perfect tour!

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