The cuisine of our region is a real mosaic of tastes that reflects the local multiculturalism and the intercultural relationships. The different ethnic groups that have lived on this territory during the centuries - Romanians, Saxons, Hungarians, Armenians, Hebrews and Roma - they have all influenced our local gastronomy. Of course, to them we have to add the various local authorities and political powers that also lived, at a certain moment here: Austrians, Turkish, Russians and Greek.

One of the greatest advantages of Sibiu is its geographical position: it is located just at the bottom of the Carpathians, crossed by several rivers and spread with lots of lakes. The Southern part, the mountain area and countryside is rich in sheepfolds and cattle, hence a menu based on various types and cheese and meet products. Being a mountain area, the fresh trout is one of our main specialities. If you add to this a local Royal Maiden white wine, the culinary experience will be unforgettable!

In the Northern part of the county there are lots of fields rich in various grain crops, vegetables and hilly areas with different fruit orchards.

In 2019, Sibiu was nominated European Region of Gastronomy - during the whole year we organised various food festivals, food markets, workshops and contests.

Our food philosophy supports our tourism views and mission: we promote a healthy meal based on local products, we want to support the farming practices and the environment while ensuring responsible consumption!

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Best Seasons:April - October
Popular Location:Sibiu Local Market, Green Friday Market, Local Restaurants, Food Festivals, Local Farmers and Shepherds