We can choose for you the most scenic biking routes—from the Carpathian Mountains to old Saxon countryside. We'll follow the least trafficked cycling routes and have the most terrific stops — beautiful villages and fortresses, dense oak and fir tree forests, colorful meadows, fruit orchards perfect for a picnic, the best spots to pick wild berries.

The backroad tours will bring you tah feeling of freedom, energy, inspiration, tranquility - feelings we almost forgot in this crazy, agitated life. On foot and on a bike, you can really get a deep sense of these places. It is a great occasion to reconnect yourself with nature.

The wind in your face. The sun on your back. While peddaling or walking,  unexpectedly a ruined castle or fortress  shrouded in mist as the sun appears over the hills ... a flock of sheep calmly grazing... some local peasants on their carriage pullled by horses going to harvest their fields... This will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

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Best Seasons:April - October
Popular Location:Sibiu, the Carpathian Mountains, the countryside area