During our 12 years of activity we were happy and honoured to be tour guides in Sibiu, and around, for different tourists, journalists, businessmen, travel agents, travel bloggers and international companies.

– French Journalists
Guided visit for a group of French journalists from different newspapers and magazines in Nantes and Rennes; the info trip included visits in the historic center of Sibiu and the counties around.

–  Keith Bain –Frommer’s reporter
Keith Bain, reporter for the Frommer’s Publishing House; Mr. Bain came to Sibiu for an info trip and research tour to update all the necessary information for the „Frommer’s Eastern Europe” guide book.

–  Collaborating for the Turism Club magazine
Collaborating with Turism Club Magazine, for the March 2009 edition dedicated to the county of Sibiu: information about the history of the city, tourist attractions, cultural events, pictures.

– Le Figaro – Transylvanie, coeur vivant de la vieille Europe
The journalist Leif Blanc organized an info trip in the area Sibiu-Braşov. In Sibiu I joined him and provided information about the city and its surroundings .

Channel 4 team & me
Channel 4 team & me

– Channel 4
Organizing the necessary infrastructure for the Channel 4 staff; they came to Sibiu to shoot a film about the Red Bull Romaniacs Competition and Sibiu – Sighişoara, two important tourist attractions in Transylvania.

Adrian Bridge – Daily Telegraph
Guided visit and information about the region of Sibiu.



Top Gear – filming on the Transfagarasan Road
Part of the staff organizing the visit and the filming infrastructure.

Top Gear Transfagarasan
Top Gear Transfagarasan

Force Tourism Magazine
Project Advisor – issue December 2010 – The county of Sibiu.

–  Deutsche Welle – EuroMaxx
TransylvaniaGuide Documentary – winter tours around Sibiu: mountain trekking tours, craftsmen, traditional life and cultural visits.

– Huffington Post
Guided visit in Sibiu for the Huffington Post reporter.


– Tourism Market Infotrip
In May 2015 I organized (together with Turism Market) an infotrip in the region of Sibiu called #RomaniaAutentica (#AuthenticRomania). The main goal was to promote a region that is less known to the tourists but with such a great natural and cultural patrimony.
There were 14 participant bloggers, 25 articles were written, 430 Facebook posts with about 78.000 views, 605 Instagram posts

Turism Market, #RomaniaAutentica
Turism Market, #RomaniaAutentica









  • Corporate clients: Big Dutchman, Continental Sibiu, Agro Paraiso Sebes, Polisano Sibiu, Domeniile Segarcea, Fusion Festival, Ascent Group, Eventiv, Petrom, Mpr Events, British-American Tobacco, Astra Film Fest, BRD Group Société Generale, Technical Dent, Lidl Romania, Danone Romania, Mercedes Group, Corcova Wineries, Groupama, Marquadt, C4Media, Arvato Group, Bonduelle etc