Many stories and legends have been written about Sibiu; stories that captivate us, amuse us and give us the feeling that, in Sibiu, we might


The Saxons built the Brasovia fortress, at the bottom of the Tampa massif, at the end of the 12th century. The Teutons enforced the fortress


The oldest medieval fortress still lived nowadays…Narrow streets, old thick-walled houses, little windows and massive wooden gates, shady yards, mysterious dark tunnels, wooden floor stairs,

Alba Iulia & around

The fortress of Alba Iulia is, most probably, the biggest and most beautiful fortress in Romania. It has all the reasons… It has always been

Transylvania Castles and Fortresses

Visit the famous Bran and Corvini Castles…Amazing places that will definitely make your stay in Transylvania an unforgettable one! Pearls of Transylvania, this is how

Transylvania Countryside

 Marginimea Sibiului Not far from Sibiu, at the bottom of the Cindrel and Lotru Mountains there lays a picturesque area called Mărginimea Sibiului. 18 traditional