Transylvania Day Trips

Visit the famous Bran Castle and Corvin Castle, the fortified churches and famous towns like Sighisoara, Brasov, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj. Have a ride on the Transfagarasan road. Design your own tour in Transylvania!

Tour 1: Sibiu – Sighisoara – Biertan – Sibiu

The fortified church of Mosna

The Saxon villages in South Transylvania were built hundreds of years ago when the Saxons arrived in these areas.

Our tour suggests a trip in this picturesque area. We’ll discover a wonderful heritage, old Saxon communities, architectural patrimony and such a diversifiedlandscape.

Ofcourse, we’ll also talk about Vlad Tepes/ Dracula. Itis said that he was born in Sighisoara. Many and mysterious are the legends linked to the frightening prince, but all of these are more enjoyable when told up on the fortress or even on the alleys of the graveyard…

*As options, we could add to our visit the fortified churches in:

  •  Malancrav
  • Alma Vii
  • Mosna
  • Saschiz
  • Viscri or
  • the little old town, Medias.

Tour details:

  • Length: 8-9 h
  • Distance: Around 220 km | 135 miles
  • Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van (8 seats)
  • Optional: lunch/ coffee break

Tour 2: Sibiu – Bran Castle – Brasov – Sibiu

Bran Castle, Brasov

Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania, former medieval town built in the 13th century .

A walk through the historic area of Braşov is like travelling in time. We shall visit the old defensive walls, the Weavers’ Bastion, the Graft bastion, the Blacksmiths’ tower, the Black and the White Tower, the Ecatherina Gate and the Schei Gate. Quite impressive is, of course, the Black Church, the greatest Gothic monument in South-East Europe.

Bran needs no presentation – it is one of the most famous castles in Europe, the place that is always associated to… Dracula. Is it a myth or the reality? Nobody knows exactly…

*As options, we could add to our visit:

  • the medieval fortress of Rasnov
  • the stunning Peles and Pelisor Castles (in SInaia)
  • the medieval Fagaras Castle (the best preserved medieval castle in Europe)
  • the fortified churches in Prejmer and Harman.

Tour details:

  • Length: 11 h
  • Distance: Around 300 km | 185 miles
  • Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van (8 seats)
  • Optional: lunch/ coffee break

Tour 3: Sibiu – Corvini Castle – Alba Iulia – Sibiu

Corvini Castle, Hunedoara

The tour includes a visit at one of the most beautiful and mysterious castles in Romania– the Corvin Castle. It is, probably, one of the most stunning medieval castles in Europe, built in the 15th century.

Built in a Renaissance-Gothic, the castle is a large and imposing structure with tall towers, bulwarks, an inner courtyard  and a myriad of windows and balconies adorned with stone carvings. This is the castle where were shot, recently, Dragon Heart and The Nun.

On our way back, we’ll have a tour in Alba Iulia. Alba Iulia is like an open book and each chapter represents a new, fascinating story. The first fortress was built here about 2000 years ago and, ever since, it remained a symbol of Transylvania and Romania.

*As options to our tour, we can add:

  • the Roman ruins from Sarmisegetuza Regia and Ulpia Traiana
  • the fortress in Deva
  • the oldest stone church in Transylvania (Densus)
  • the Saxon fortified church in Calnic

Tour details:

  • Length: 9 h
  • Distance: Around 300 km | 185 miles
  • Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van (8 seats)
  • Optional: lunch/ coffee break

Tour 4: Sibiu – Transfagarasan Road – Carta Abbey – Fairy Tale Castle

Balea Lake | Transfagarasan Road

One of the greatest places to visit in Romania is, definitely, the Transfagarasan road. It was built in the ’70s, during Communism, at the highest altitude in Romania, in the heart of the Carpathians (at about 2000 maltitude). The road was built with so many life sacrifices, initially being a military strategic road. Today it is considered one of the most spectacular roads in the world.

In September 2009, the British television show Top Gear shoot a TV show along the road. TV host Jeremy Clarkson claimed the Transfagarasan as “the best road in the world!” .

Our visit includes different stop points from where we’ll enjoy the breath-taking view and take some astonishing pictures. We’ll stop at the waterfall (one of the tallest in Romania) and at the glacier lake where we’ll have a nice walk. Remember, we’re at more than 2000m altitude, so the landscape is amazing!

Carta Abbey

From there, we’ll go and visit the former Cistercian abbey from Carta. It is one of the oldest fortifications in Transylvania with so many fascinating stories and legends.
On our way back to Sibiu we’ll have a visit at the famous…. fairy tale castle. Built among forests, at the bottom of the Carpathians, in the Fairy’s Valley, the little clay castle will take you for a few minutes to a fascinating far-away world with princesses, knights, fairies and other fantastic characters.

This is quite a unique tour as it combines in a captivating way a visit outdoors, in the heart of the Carpathians, a cultural tour with history and life stories and an imaginary tour in the Far Away Land.

Clay Castle

*From November to July, the tour becomes even more interesting as we’ll have to take the cable car to reach Balea Lake and its famous Hotel Of Ice (the second as size in Europe). Regardless the season, the Transfagarasn tour is simply charming!

*As extra visits, we can add:

  • the Poienari fortress, built in the mountains by Vlad The Impeller
  • the medieval castle in Fagaras

Tour details:

  • Length: 7-8 h
  • Distance: Around 200 km | 125 miles
  • Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van (8 seats)
  • Optional: lunch/ coffee break

Tour 5: Sibiu – the countryside area -Sibiu

The fortress in Cisnadioara

This tour is perfect for those who do not have time enough to visit the county of Sibiu but are interested in its culture, history and people’s daily life. As our region is famous for its multiculturality, this tour will combine the two main elements: Saxon and Romanian cultures and civilisations.

In Cristian we’ll visit a beautiful fortified church (in the Bacon Tower, we’ll taste some delicious local snacks) and we’ll learn more about the “town of storks”. In Sibiel we’ll visit the Icon Glass Museum and we’ll learn more about this craft. In Cisnadioara we’ll climb up on the Michelsberg hill to visit an old fortress and have a great view of the surroundings. In Cisnadie we’ll visit a Lutheran Church and the first tower with a lightning rod in Transylvania. It’s a great chance to enjoy nature, taste local food, meet local people and discover so many historic facts.

Tour details:

  • Length: 7-8 h
  • Distance: Around 60 km |37 miles
  • Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van
  • Optional: lunch/ coffee break

Tour 6: Sibiu – Turda Salt Mine – Cluj Napoca

This tour includes two of the most fascinating sights in Transylvania: the salt mine in Turda and the beautiful city of Cluj.
Turda Salt Mine was dug during Middle Ages for salt exploitation, the first document mentioning the salt mine goes back into the 13th century even though there are opinions saying that Romans were actually the first ones to extract salt in this area. Lots of extrations took place also during the Habsbourg and Austro-Hungarian period.
After being closed for many years, the salt mine finally went through a big restauration project and changed its function becoming one of the most visited sights in Romania.
There are several galleries we can visit, a deep underground lake, recreation area (with SPA and wellness center) because the
Turda Salt Mine microclimate has a proper behavior that provides optimal conditions for the implementation of various rehabilitation therapies in internal diseases and in prevention and sanogenesis.

According to the top of the most spectacular sights to see out there made by the site, Turda Salt Mine is situated on the 22th place.

Cluj Napoca is one of the biggest and most important cities in Romania. It has a rich and diversified history and it became through the centuries a mosaic of ethnic groups and religions, a symbol of architecture and constructions.
Cluj is one of the most important university centres in Romania, in 2015 being European Capital of Youth. Today it is a cultural hub with countless landmark monuments to be discovered!

Tour details:

  • Length: about 10-11 h
  • Distance: Around 300 km |185 miles
  • Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van
  • Optional: lunch/ coffee break

Like Transylvania, Like no other place!