Transylvania Gastronomy

In the southern part of Transylvania used to live together different ethnic groups who, during the centuries, had a great impact on our daily life: customs and traditions, music, dance, architecture, religion, language and, of course, gastronomy.

Transylvanian Wine
Transylvanian Wine

The cuisine in the area of Sibiu is a mosaic that reflects the multicultural gastronomic and cultural influences of the inhabitants and different trends in society. In our region we have 11 different cultural influences: the ones coming from the ethnic groups living here –Romanian, Saxons, Hungarians, Hebrews, Roma and Armenians; the ones coming from other regional and historical authorities: Austrian, Turkish, Russian, French and Greek.

Due to its rich patrimony and diversified gastronomy Sibiu was selected European Region of Gastronomy in 2019. In the following years there will be many gastronomic events organized in Sibiu. We suggest you some tours that aim to promote the local food culture having, thus, the opportunity to discover and understand the authentic local cuisine, both food and seasonal recipes.

This is a guided tour in Sibiu in which you’ll discover interesting things about our history, patrimony and traditions combined with some food stops in different restaurants/ coffee shops where you will taste different types of food. More details about the tour can be found here 

TRANSYLVANIA GASTRONOMY/ Lunch at the sheepfold
This tour is a day trip in the areas around Sibiu. We shall visit the traditional Romanian area called Marginimea Sibiului. We’ll have a special visit at a sheepfold where we’ll taste some local products specially prepared by the shepherds. The tour also includes visits in the villages nearby. In the evening we invite you to a wine tasting session. For further details and a complete program, please contact us.

Lunch at the sheepfold
Lunch at the sheepfold


Every weekend, from April to October, the Association MyTransylvania promotes the local patrimony and the gastronomic culture through some alternative events organized in Sibiu and the Saxon and Romanian villages around. These are real food culture festivals, a wonderful occasion to try different recipes form southern Transylvania and discover the local heritage.

We invite you to participate at these events and explore the amazing Transylvania Gastronomy. For more information regarding the schedule of these events for 2017 and the activities suggested, please contact us.

Our partners for the culinary tours:

Restaurant Jules (Sibiu)                                                                                                    Domeniul Salgo (Sacel, Sibiu county)





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