Visit at the Sheepfold

Eat Local | Farm-to-Table Tour

Lunch at the sheepfold

How about spending a day in the countryside, in the mountains, in a place where there is no Internet and phone network?

Sibiu – Marginimea Sibiului (Sadu, Rau Sadului) – Lunch with the shepherd – Cisnadie fortified church – Cisnadioara fortress – Sibiu
*Possibly trekking tour in the mountains

Not far from Sibiu, at the bottom of the Cindrel Mountains (part of the Carpathians) there lays a picturesque area called Marginimea Sibiului. 18 traditional Romanian villages form this idyllic area. This is where, the Romanians, pushed away by the Hungarian and Saxon authorities, migrated centuries ago. They climbed up in the mountains and built new villages.

Breeding animals has always been people’s main occupation.  Transhumanta is a practice still preserved here (every spring they go up in the mountains with their sheep). A trip in Marginimea Sibiului is a trip in times for long forgotten, when the carriages pulled by horses were the main means of transport, a trip in a place “far from the madding crowd”, far from the noisy cars the polluted cities!

This tour is perfect as we’ll get the chance to meet local people, Ghita – the shepherd and his mother. They will tell us about their life in the mountains (with their 500 sheep), a great way to discover the serene life at the sheepfold.

Meet Ghita (George) – our local shepherd, a very good cook:)

We’ll have a delicious lunch here. Our challenge is to eat local so all the products you’ll taste are produced within the boundaries of the Sibiu county: meat specialties, vegetables, cheese (so delicious prepared by our shepherd), the great polenta balls with cheese and sour cream and, of course, the sourcherry/ blueberry/ plum brandy and local wine. Let’s not forget that Sibiu is European Region of Gastronomy in 2019 so this is a great chance to taste the local cuisine!

We can also have a trekking tour around the sheepfold and, in the second part of the day we’ll visit the fortress of Cisnadioara. A great day to discover the multiculturality of Sibiu!

Tour details:

  • Length: 8 hours
  • Car: 4 seats | mini-van (8 seats)
  • Price: different according to the number of participants and services included