Transylvania Castles and Fortresses

Visit the famous Bran and Corvini Castles…Amazing places that will definitely make your stay in Transylvania an unforgettable one! Pearls of Transylvania, this is how most of the Saxon towns and villages in South Transylvania, are called; they were built hundreds of years ago when the Saxons arrived in these areas.

Join us and discover the connection  Prince Charles of Great Britain and …Dracula have to these places! We suggest you a tour in the Saxon areas, together we shall discover such a wonderful place, amazing tales, we’ll taste delicious dishes and enjoy exceptional experiences!



Bran Castle
Bran Castle


Thousands of tourists visit it every year…It is one of the most famous castles in Europe, the place that is always associated to…Dracula. Is it a myth or reality? Nobody knows exactly.

History says that this castle has no link with Vlad Tepes(the Impeller)… The legends say something else; the castle is identical to the one described by Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula.

The story of the castle is really complicated; it is a story about Teutonic knights, Saxons tradesmen, kings and emperors, a story about important names in history: Sigismund of Luxemburg, Mircea cel Bătrân, Queen Mary of Romania…and Dracula.






Corvin Castle
Corvin Castle

One of the most beautiful medieval castles in Europe. It belonged to one of the most famous Hungarian princes in Transylvania, Iancu de Hunedoara. Its story is full of great legends and mysteries and it will definitely impress you by its size and fortifications.

During our tour we’ll learn more about its former owners, we’ll visit the prison, the torture room, its Knights’ room, the Prince’s room, different towers, the castles well (which has a great story) and even the enclosure where the prisoners were given to the bears:).

Visit the Corvini Castle with us and you’ll have a great time!…We promise!:) Check-in and see why Lonely Planet included it on the “must-see” list.



Located between Sibiu and Brasov the Fagaras Castle is among the best preserved ten medieval castles in Europe according to Hufffington Post! It’s a great place built by the former Hungarian-Transylvanian Prices as a defensive castle and residence. Unfortunately, history can, sometimes, be so cruel. Life in Transylvania wasn’t very easy-going in the Medieval times and the castle was a vulnerable target for the invaders.

Fagaras Castle
Fagaras Castle

In the Communist times the castles was sent to ruin…It became a terrible prison for the opponents of the regime. After many years in which it was totally abandoned the castle was restored and open, again, for the public. It’s a wonderful place which really deserves a visit!


The fortified church in PREJMER

The church from Prejmer is one of the most important tourist attractions in Transylvania; it is a UNESCO heritage monument and it has been awarded 3 stars in the Green Michelin Guide Book.

It is said that the church and the citadel that surrounds it have been built by the Teutonic knights somewhere around the 18th century. Being always in the way of the intruders, Sigismund de Luxembourg has ordered its fortification in the 15th century. They built thick walls, bastions, iron gates, mobile bridges and a water ditch.


The fortified church in HARMAN

The town and the church have been mentioned in documents in 1240. The story of the church in Harman resembles the one in Prejmer. The Teutonic knights were the ones that put its basis. The church was reinforced in the 15th century and it was transformed into a real citadel with thick walls, towers and bulwarks. It was invincible in front of the attacks of the enemies…just the pests, the fires and floods were stronger. See you in Harman to learn why


The fortified church in VISCRI

The church in Viscri
The church in Viscri


Who hasn’t heard of the fortified church in Viscri? Its German name Weisskirch talks about a “white church”. The tradition has been kept because the walls of the church are still white. The citadel in Viscri is the oldest fortified church in Transylvania, a UNESCO monument that has been restored by the foundation led by Prince Charles of Great Britain.




The fortress from RASNOV

Rasnov fortress
Rasnov fortress

You will be certainly impressed by the fortress in Rasnov…Built in the 15th century, the fortress resisted so well in front of the enemies. Its 5m tall walls and 8 bastions were unbeatable. Inside the fortress the community was so well organized; there was an inner garden, barns for animals, rooms for people, warehouses and a well…there are so many stories about this well…


The fortified church in BIERTAN

One of the best defended churches in Transylvania and a UNESCO monument. These are just a few reasons to visit Biertan. They are not the only ones, nevertheless; you come to Biertan in order to see the old sacristy door with its 17 lockers, the beautiful aisle, the massive walls, the guild flags, the marital prison, the Bacon Tower, the covered stairs…


Transylvania Castles and Fortresses

  • The UNESCO heritage church in Valea Viilor/Wurmloch
  • The church from Malancrav;
  • The former Cistercian Abbey in Cârta and the story of the Cistercian Monks from the beginning of the XIIIth century who came from France to build an abbey in Transylvania;
  • The church from Stejarisu with its Bacon Tower and the traditional store;
  • The fortified church in Hosman and the Old Mill;
  • The fortified church in Cisnadie – where you’ll see the first lightening rod in Transylvania;
  • The citadel in Cisnadioara: the fortress on the St. Michael Hill, hidden in the woods. Thick stone walls and a former abandoned church…
  • The fortified church in Richiş and the fascinating stories of Mr. Schass, the only Saxon left in the village!
  • The fortified church in Altana and the wonderful stories of the Saxons in the area;
  • The fortified church in Saschiz and the delicious jams in the village.

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