Rimetea: Europa Nostra Award

“It was pleasantly quiet here…”, this is how most of the tourists describe their experience in Rimetea. Indeed, the tranquility and the landscape are the main reasons this village should be visited regardless the season.

Rimetea is one of the few monument-villages in Romania. It was awarded in 1999 through the rural restoration European Program Europa Nostra. All of the houses declared historic and architectural monument were restored in their initial neo-classical style. Thus, the village became a precious architectural site, located at the bottom of the Trascau mountains.

We suggest you a relaxing stroll through the cobbled streets and, also, a trekking tour around the village – the view is breathtaking!

I also suggest you a trekking tour at the Coltesti fortress. It was built in 1296 by a family of noblemen as a refuge place from the attacks of the enemies. The fortress was destroyed in 1713 by the Austrian armies. Only a ruin, today it still guards the village from above… The view is amazing!

On our way back to Sibiu, we can also stop and have a short visit in Alba Iulia, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It is the only Vauban fortification in Transylvania and it preserves so many historic sights with countless stories and legends.