Awesome Roads: Transfagarasan!

Balea Lake…

Sibiu – the Transfagarasan Road – Balea Waterfall – Balea Lake – trekking tour – Clay Castle/ Carta Abbey – Sibiu

The Transfagarasan road is, probably, one of the best attractions in Romania. The famous TopGear show made it famous in 2009, after shooting one of their shows here. Afterwards, lots of other car producers or film companies showed their interest for this road.

It is a fascinating windy road going through the Fagaras mountains connecting Transylvania with South Romania. It was built in the 70s as a strategic road, at the orders of the Communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.

Transfagarasan Road seen from above!
Transfagarasan road seen from above!

We invite you to enjoy a fun drive, take great pictureas and… climb up the mountains to see the road and the glacier lake right from above! There are, at least, three different types of trekking tours we could do there, depending on your level.

In the winter season (from November to June) we have to take the cable car for a part of the road, which makes our adventure even more fun. In winter time we can also visit here the hotel of ice and the ice church.

*the road is officially open from mid June to November. During the winter time we’ll have to take the cable car between Balea waterfall and Balea lake.
**for the trekking tour you need trekking shoes and comfortable outfit.

Length: around 8 hours
Altitide difference: +/- 50-400m (depending on the tour chosen)