Transylvania Half a Day Tours


TOUR 1. Welcome to “The Path of the Ethnic Minorities”!

The tour includes a guided visit in the old town of Sibiu and, afterwards, a visit in the biggest Open Air Ethnography Museum in Europe – the Astra Museum, close to Sibiu.
A unique way of learning about diversity and the ethnic minorities in Romania – we’ll learn how people of different religions, origins and cultures used to live together in the Romanian villages.

At the ASTRA Open Air Museum we’ll discover what cultural diversity means and how habitants lived together in these areas, during the centuries. Its patrimony includes 400 wooden, stone or brick constructions brought from different parts of Romania. Houses, barns, mills, gardens, little streets, churches, animal enclosures, they all tell us how people used to live and work hundreds of years ago. We’ll discover a stunning universe, a multicultural place, we’ll witness a real life lesson.

*We also suggest you a unique experience: a ride in a carriage pulled by horses through the museum’s picturesque alleys. That would be epic!


  • Details:
    Length: 5 hours
    Distance: about 4 km | 2 miles
    Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van
    Optional: meal / coffee break


TOUR 2. Sibiu – a history lesson: Democracy vs. Communism

Our tour in Sibiu is divided in two parts:
in the first part (1191 – 1940) we’ll have a nice walking tour in the old part of the town, discover its history and great patrimony.
the second part (1940 – today) reveals a less known image of Sibiu: the Communist town, an industrial center but also a martyr city.
Not too many people talk about the difficult period (1940 – 1989), the Second World War in Romania and the terrible transformation Romania went through in the post-war period. It’s our history, a very recent one and its consequences are, unfortunately, still visible in our daily life.
We suggest you a walking tour through the former Communist sights and, then, a tour through the former industrial areas by car. The experience will be unique!

*Extra visit: a former Communist factory, still in use or a Communist museum

Topics we’ll debate:
– Sibiu history and patrimony;
– World War II;
– Monarchy vs. Stalinist Republic;
– Ceausescu era/ daily life;
– Industrialization/ Nationalization;
– The ethnic groups/ Romanian unity;
– Taboo: Nicu Ceausescu in Sibiu and Nadia Comaneci;
– The Revolution in 1989;
– Post-Communism, slow transition;
– Present political, economic, social life.

  • Details:
    Length: 5 hours
    Distance: about 4 km | 2 miles
    Transport: 4 seats car | mini-van
    Optional: meal / coffee break